Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's been a while, and these are just so stinking cute.

And I have loads to share but I realize how much time blogging takes so I stepped away for a bit.
But these little ones are just too cute not to share immediately though really, I don't think many folks come by which is why I re-evaluated my time here. But, I do realize that if nothing else it is like a diary to my descendants. So much for the thinking out loud.
On with the cuties!
I saw this link on Sue's blog some time ago and thought they were adorable. I love Sue's Wednesday Link Love. I love Sue, so she finds all sorts of things that speak to me (except for the dog ones -ha!)
I finally remembered one day at Michael's to get the wooden pieces. I had a few projects requiring paint recently so I decided while the paint box was out, to do these for Ophelia's 2nd birthday which isn't until October but I'm crazy busy in the fall and there is no time for crafting.

Here they are all separated. You can match the colors or sort the dolls from the containers.
I chose to do different hair colors, skin colors, eyes open and closed for more diversity than the one on Sue's blog.
Here are some close-ups!

I also did 1-8 dots on the lip of the holders as you look down on them for counting.  I started to do it with the dots on the dresses and holder fronts but the dots are too cute to have just one, two etc.

They just need a spray coat of polyurethane and they'll be good for gifting.  I'll find a little box for them to live in.
Aren't they sweet?