Sunday, September 25, 2011


See the rainbow?
I'm at the beach, and really, is there anywhere better?  Well, not for me. Too bad today is just like yesterday-spectacular!!
I never tire of it and appreciate every wonderful moment.  I'm having fun texting E some fun pics to see if he can find the lizard, see the rainbow, count the lizards etc.
Maybe you'll enjoy some photos, too!
Hope your day is spectacular, too.
OK, I didn't really pick the farmer's cotton

Cotton-the fabric of our lives (hike, ear worm)

sea oats


how many lizards?

Love the clouds

Spectacular sunset

Can you find the lizard?


See the lizard?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More round robin

My page

with the pattern open

I was behind on the flag and now ahead on the next one that isn't due to mail until the 10th but I'm going to send it along with the flag package.
Linda's journal is a nod to childhood memories and she chose a vintage scrapbook to store them.  It's super sweet.
I used my memory of Easter dresses. My mom often made them and when she didn't I had an aunt who had no daughters and loved pretty dresses who would send us dresses, often matching ones. This continued with my two younger sisters when they were born.
I loved dresses and new patent leather shoes. White gloves and little purses.
I was a fashionista even then.... :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday of Fun

As noted on the chalkboard I'll be missing the market next week and instead be sunning myself on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico.  Jim will hold down the fort and scope it out I'm sure for me.
Today-not so much stuff.  Since I'll be leaving mid-week, we didn't need the usual big haul but we made a few choice selections.
Apples- a Golden Delicious, Nitany, Jonagold, a few Gala, and some Fugi. Ah, my mouth is watering just thinking of their juicy goodness.
Tomatoes-some heirloom cherry and two yellow for a delicious pasta Pomodoro that was tonight's dinner. Yum.
Some sunflowers, of course, that I hope will survive until I get back.
And that was about it.

heirloom cherry tomatoes

more tomatoes!

What else??

Beautiful apples!

I missed out on a great item at the yard sale across the street looking further before claiming it but at the time we were the only ones there, I turned around and MY swinging antique mirror dresser topper was in someone else's hand. Shoot. And it was only 5 bucks. Oh, well- moving on before I cry.
I am behind on a round robin. I wanted to use my new Inkadyes for it-it is a prayer flag. But we have been plagued by cloudy weather any time I had a free moment and so I was going to keep my flag to await sun and mail the rest on to the next player, but I didn't get to the post office and today was sunny sooooo I made my flag!

I started out by cutting a peace sign out of sticker paper colored black to block sunlight.  I painted the flag with Yellow Green and Blue Inkodyes in a sort of starburst that came out more like an "X". The dyes are semi-clear with just a hint of color. They can be thinned with clear dye or water. I used a bit of both. This is the flag painted.
subtle, huh?
I applied the peace sign on top
And headed outside to the little bit of sun remaining in my shady-in-the-afternoon backyard.

This was how it look in about 30 seconds, I was a little worried, not the colors I was looking for.
Looking better- can you tell it was sitting on an azalea?
Finis! and About to remove the sticker.
I immediately rinsed the flag and hand washed with soap and dried.
There was still a little bleed-through to the white area but overall I'm really happy.
Here is the finished flag. I used a micron pen to write the chorus of John Lennon's "Imagine" around the symbol. 
Simple but effective. I think I like it and it will send a good vibe into the universe when she flies it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farmers Market and a memory

It's Saturday!



mini sweet potatoes

tomatoes and corn

Fall is in the air as evidenced by the offerings of the farmers market today. We were first greeted by pumpkins! The first of the season. Lots of fall squash are coming in and I vow to give some a try. I'm not a winter squash person as a rule, though I love pumpkin pie-my # 1 every time.
I'm going to give pumpkin growing a whirl next year choosing one super-cool small, warty variety to give space to growing out of a 5 gallon container, as suggested by Donna, blogging at Mamma Mia Days.
We chose a mix of summer and fall offerings. Lots of okra-I mentioned buying some and Jim heard "Buy some".
Apples-three varieties, Red Delicious (which I never buy at the grocery, they are some kinda mutant), Gala and tart Jonathan for Jim.
Some more of those oh, so good green beans, too. Tomatoes are thinning out but I found a handful of heirlooms. Our flower farmer offered up only a few sunflowers this week and so few tuberose that they were gone by the time we arrived at the market. So I have this nice mix this week.
Purple basil and mini sweet potatoes.
Lots of end of season yumminess.

Saw these pretty berries on the way home.  I was looking for large caps from acorn for some felting but only found really small ones. If any one has those super big ones please send them to me.  I use to find gigantic ones at my aunt's house in Russellville and at a state park.

this week's selection

berries on the walk home
relative of the big head

On a different note, I'm remembering the horror of the attacks on 9/11/01. My sweet Amy was living in DC and it was hours before I could reach her by phone-the lines were all busy. Rachel was to meet with a contact from the Pentagon for work. He died that day, I believe. I watched with disbelief at all that unfolded that day and 10 years later I have appreciated hearing the lesser known stories of those who died that day and thank their families for sharing them.
The Pentagon

Friday, September 09, 2011

And try it I did!

Well, here it is!  My lattice cinnamon sugar topper for apple cider.  It is delicious, but I realized something.  I really like my pie crust with fruit in/on it.  The rest of the circles I will top with some peaches or sliced apples.  I'm not so big on pie dough plain (even with cinnamon and sugar!) Honestly, I probably wouldn't do this again. But, it was fun to do on this cloudy day. Now, back to my book-mug in hand....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I can't wait to try this!

I may have to go to the store right this minute for cider and pie dough to make this! Friday for sure!
photo from Not Martha blog
I love Not Martha! And while I'm on my Not Martha kick- I should go ahead and admit I am super jealous that she is going to fashion week for the finals of Project Runway. I am rarely jealous of much, as I admitted to her, but a get a little twinge when I think of it. She also got an HP computer free from HP and has been doing blogs creating fashion to go along with the PR challenges.
I know, a side of me you didn't know.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hummers, Market Day, Yard Sales and another craft project!

I don't know why my pictures got added in this odd way but I find it tedious to try to rearrange so sorry for the randomness of this post. Yuck. First photos are of the yard sale and estate sale, then on to the hummers and craft project. Keep going and eventually you'll see the farmers market review, if you have the patience!

Yard sale finds. The pitcher is for a friend who collects this. I'm going to break the chipped plates and resurface the interior of my birdbath with them. I collect flower frogs.

I don't know why she didn't want this.
My morning hummers


yesterday's craft project

Gotta love Saturday, and a long weekend, too!  It is blistering hot here today so we headed out early to beat the heat.
Corn was back! Lots of flowers, fewer tomatoes, and oh my-radishes again!
We got jonathan apples-Jim loves their tartness and 2nd tomatoes for today-they are 1/2 price with some flaws. I got some other tomatoes for later in the week, another tomato pie, I think. Yellow squash, too, from Charles. I have peaches from Tuesday that will hold me for a few days so none today.
Ground bison and some bison brats for the holiday weekend to be served with green bean potato salad. Yummy!
Radishes are a favorite of mine and I forgot to ask Ivor what variety these are, I think maybe French Breakfast? -they are pretty and will taste fabulous!  Eggplant this week.  I don't really love it but I'm branching out. Peeling, seeding and going from there.
More basil to add to what is still looking beautiful from last week.
Tuberose-check out my mini vase below, eucalyptus, sunflowers, and a red Big Head Celosia- can't pass up a flower with the name "Big Head"! Oh, and Cumin Seed Gouda from Kenny's Cheese!
Hope you enjoy the pics. We also stopped at a yard sale and estate sale on the way home. So much to see this week!
tomatoes and eggplant!

the beautiful radishes, I think they are French Breakfast variety

Last weeks and this weeks!

Aren't these graceful crooknecks?

Holiday food

These will be eaten together!

fragrant tuberose

The Big Head!

Dainty little bouquet