Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Ophelia Elizabeth

Hours old
Day one with Big Bro
Day two sweet brother
Can't help but post about this cute baby girl! My new granddaughter- we, of course, think she is special! Her brother is such a good big brother to her and adjusting very well I think. I had the pleasure of his company for two days and Jim had the first experience ever of taking a kid to school!!
Day 2
Big Brother today!
I have to say she looks even more like my family than E does. I think she looks like both my mother and dad's families.
She will change a lot over then next days and weeks, so we will see. While she definitely looks like E's sibling, I think she looks very different.


Another perfect farmers market

Lookin' good...
Needed some potatoes for that green bean potato salad. And, doesn't that broccoli look yum?

It was beautiful yesterday. I love a nip in the air to put me in the fall mood. I can't believe it is the end of October, though. The cool weather crops are doing great and the green beans are holding out which we are LOVING! Had that delicious green bean potato salad with buffalo burgers for dinner last night. And I'm already looking forward to leftovers for lunch today.

I got a winesap and, hum, forgot the name of these supposedly sweet/tart crunchy apples
The cabbage from this farmer last week was the best we had all season. More today. And bokchoy- I'm feeling some stirfry coming on. Another wedge of cumin seed gouda for snacking with the apples.

Ah, roasted fennel, can hardly wait!
A little Dixie cup arrangement- no more sunflowers :(
We left after shopping to go to Es soccer game. He played his cousins's team so that was extra fun to watch.  Then, we headed back to the market for breakfast- one of Brent's omelets, which was soooo good today. Add that to a trip to my favorite coffee shop. It was a wonderful day.
Here are some more of those great watermelon radishes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Farmers Market Post


Just the picture of fall


Love, warts and all.

I love these pumpkin varieties..

Brent, making my omelet.

How about this for a breakfast?
Watermelon juice, yum..

Fall Bounty!

couldn't pass these up for color alone

I'm still on my sunflower kick

homemade caramels by Anne


Don't you love this green corn?

more sweet potatoes

how about some pumpkin roulade

I totally forgot last week- had a bad cold which slowed me down this week. But, I've made up with it with lots of fabulous pictures this week. We had a fantastic morning at the market. Leisurely.  E and Mom under the weather this morning so no soccer. I love the way the green corn looks on the door.  He said it would make great corn meal. I've never ground my own so I may try it?
The caramels are yummy- I'll be buying more for the holidays. Brent gave me these out of his personal stash.  I told him we were awaiting a grandbaby so this was our treat. Sweet. The omelet was extra good today, too. I had to have a watermelon juice to go with it.
It has still been quite warm here, but not nearly enough rain. The summer crops are still around, like tomatoes, but the lack of water has made them less abundant.  It got down right hot today.
The pumpkins are fabulous!! Love the warty one. Even with the lusciousness of all the summer choices, fall is my favorite.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun on a Stick

I've been wanting to make food on a stick for a while! I couldn't pass up these little guys posted on ivillage. How easy and cute are these?  Marshmallows, lollipop sticks and edible markers.  I made these for my Women's Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, took the left-overs to my class later that day, and the very last left-overs to work. I think they are so fun! Can't wait for Ez to make some!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farmers Market Fare

It was a beautiful day for the market.  Our weather has been crazy dry and the morning was great but afternoon brought 90 degree temps which I am so done with.

I'd been longing for a delicious farmers market omelet and wasn't disappointed. Today's was new potato, butternut squash, kale, onion and garlic, topped with a radish garnish. I added a little pesto sauce and sweet tomato sauce. Yummy! 

My main purchase today was watermelon radishes, which I was introduced to in the winter and had been looking for ever since. I'll show you a picture when I cut one- they are a lovely red inside so look like a cut watermelon. Sweet.
I'm trying to learn to like sweet potatoes, sweet and potato don't go together in my mind.  I've decided this week I WILL make sweet potato fries.
These little cuties are my back up reward.
My apples this week are Winesap and a variety of green that I didn't see labeled but saw someone choosing after asking for a hard, juicy one.  We'll see.
Green beans, peppers (for egg muffins), and some buffalo, ground and skirt steak, were also in my bag.
I love Saturdays.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Today is my daughter-in-law, Rachel's, birthday!  I'm not good about posting about the birthday folks but decided I should do a better job of celebrating them on my blog.
Rachel is a creative, kind, athletic kind of gal. Best of all-she is a wonderful partner to my Amy. She compliments her personality wonderfully and both strive to enhance and support each other.
She is my web designer, graphic designer, fellow artist and friend. She will even play hooky with me to go to international events!
Lucky me!
I hope you are well celebrated and have a day filled with fun! Love you!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Light Farmers Market Day

I had to do a quicky trip to the market yesterday, so no picture since I didn't go right home.  I got apples, Winesap, Gala, and Fugi, and 4 small tomatoes, and 3 sunflowers. You can tell the flowers are dwindling. The sunflowers are much smaller but still beautiful!
I did finish a little project for my DIL for her birthday. I don't think she reads my blog so I think I can go ahead and post it.
Actually, this is a very late Christmas promise, so need to do two art projects for Christmas this year to catch up! I'm going to the local glass factory for one. I bought  a discount coupon for some studio time and plan to make some art glass gift.
Anyway, back to the art-I did a scrabble tile necklace.  I used an R tile for her first initial. I  did a little Distress ink wash with Tea Stain then stamped a script background stamp. On top of that I did a green tiny bird cage and with Archival Ink stamped the bird and letter "r". I edged the paper with gold leafing pen. I think it is pretty cute and think she will like it because she like birds and anything I make. Isn't that great?!

No market post next week either unless I don't go to the lake with the Bridge Babes.  But, there will be a lake trip post I'm sure!

I'm loving our cooler weather.........