Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farmers Market and other fun

A fabulous day of markets and fun! It may have seemed more fabulous since DH had been in hospital to deal with undiagnosed crazy-high blood pressure. I think Mr. " I haven't been to a doctor in 40 years" will be going a little more regularly now. And we both are so grateful that he didn't have a stroke or heart attack. No symptoms at all, not over weight, eats a healthy diet- I just brought a blood pressure cuff home from work to check it since he wouldn't go to a doctor. I thought I'd just reassure myself that at least he had good blood pressure-NOT.

We went to our Bardstown Road market first. Oh, so happy to see Brent, our favorite omelet maker. We went to the Butterfly Garden for lunch this week, Brent's wife is the owner and we wanted to know where Brent had been this summer not to mention have a wonderful lunch there- post coming soon.
Turns out he's getting a Master's Degree in North Carolina this summer! The omelet line was long so, I just went up to chat a bit but skipped the omelet. We did our shopping, picking up blueberries, cabbage, tomatoes, flowers, kale, bison, and fennel. It was bike awareness day so we got these great stickers, bumper stickers and pins. Love that nice clean logo. They had a petition for more bike lanes, which even though I'm not a biker I'm all for- I worry about my biker daughter and DIL and all bikers that have to share narrow roads with big cars and trucks. They also had a bike with a blender connected to it that people rode to blend smoothie samples!

love these small cabbage


We passed by a yard sale on the way home and I picked up a basket-75 cents, vhs tapes for 50 cents, and this great bottle to add to my kitchen windowsill- 10 cents, and bundle of bubble mailers-$1.00. I'm loving the basket to throw things in that need to up or down the stairs.

cute shirt!

love this jacket

There was a big yard sale at St. James School just around the corner from us where I got a great yellow jacket-new with tags, a little pricey $20.00 but I'll wear it a lot, cute white and metallic sleeveless shirt-$2.00, and a wooden box of silverware-$30.00 for 88 pieces and the box, that is going to eventually be plant markers among other things whenever I get to Richey's to use her metal alphabet stamps.

yard sale silver

It was such a nice day we took our fold up chairs and hung out at the Douglass Loop market had lunch, listened to live music, did a little more shopping, June apples and squash, oh, and a red honeysuckle vine for my trellis!
Royal Queen Violet Tubeflower

Red Honeysuckle

After all that,  that we went to Churchill Downs for a few races. I find I either have it or I don't at the track and unlike Oaks Day, I didn't. So we stayed for three races and left. We have an invitation to the last day of racing this Sunday, so I'm hoping for better vibes.

A full day of fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

This is a wonderful movie that would still be very interesting but not nearly as spectacular if it wasn't in 3D. Therefore, I encourage you to see it in the theater unless you are the lucky one with a 3D TV and some 3D glasses at home! You will not be disappointed. It matters not if you are a history buff, artist, anthropologist or have no interest in any of the above, you can't help but just be amazed at what you will see and hear about in this exploration of a relatively recent discovery in France.
Run, do not walk, to a theater near you that is showing it. As with many documentaries, I'm sure it will not be playing long.
Read a professional review here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Saturday!

See, Richey? I carry my recycled billboard bag!
I woke up to thunder and lightening, not a great way to start a Saturday which brings a trip to the farmers market.  But, I went downstairs, caught up on some blogs, reading and took a shower, by then-no rain! I grabbed my bags, Jim, some cash and an empty coffee mug and headed out.  First stop, Day's where I allow myself a latte a week, made by Chris. The first sip is a liquid toasted marshmallow taste that only he can make. Love, love it!
Now, on to the market. The line was so long for the atm that we decided to see if we had enough money at the market and come back if necessary. It's only a block away. I passed up the blueberries today. I still have a pint from last week. I hope they have them next week, though.
A bunch of black-eyed Susans, some yellow squash, beets for Mom, tomatoes, jumbo eggs, red potatoes and a giant cucumber for sandwiches was my haul.
Jim joined me in having an omelet this week. It was interesting to hear comments about the price. We think it is a steal at 8 bucks. Farm-fresh eggs, farm fresh produce, farm fresh cheese-cow and goat, cooked on site, served with a couple of hot sauces, sitting at a table surrounded by farmers, patrons, and a whole lot of goodness!  One man guessed they were 4 dollars when asked by his wife. He was appalled by 8 and the woman across from us said that 8 crossed her comfort boundary. She was remembering two years ago price of 7. I can't sit in any restaurant and have a lower quality, not as fresh omelet anywhere for 8 dollars. I think it's a steal especially since I hate chopping stuff.
I'll have another, please.
The goods!

aren't these eggs beautiful?

a study of reds

and now some yellows

These make me happy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And a second post today- a Birthday shout out!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Amy! The above pic shows us 32 years younger!
Amy brings a wonderful joy to my life. She's intelligent, ambitious, fun, makes fabulous felt ball mobiles, is a wonderful aunt who'd like to be even more wonderful if distance wasn't an issue, indulges all of my tourist desires in Seattle, recommends great books and movies, makes friends with purpose and ease and added Rachel to our family. I'm so glad to also call her my friend.
The world is a better place with her and I'm so lucky that I got to be her mom.
Hope you're spoiled silly today!

Her felted ball mobile for friend's baby.

Farmers market

I caught a stupid cold somehow and it has slowed me down!  Here it is the middle of the week and I haven't even told you about Saturday's market!
Rainbow Chard- isn't it pretty?

Omelets in the making

This one is mine!

This is one of our flower growers

The bellflowers have been so pretty

I don't like the smell of lilies but they are beautiful!

 Here's my haul!  Raspberries, two more quarts of blueberries, cabbage, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, chicken, buffalo-ground and brats, beautiful gooseneck loosestrife, basil, some kinda yellow flowers and a package of cumin seed gouda from Anne- she didn't have any with her to sell me and therefore didn't need her samples either (lucky me-at least for the sample part). Now one sad thing is that Brent, my fav omelet guy is MIA. His wife owns a restaurant we frequent. I need to ask about him. She may have put him to work there in his off season- he's a middle school teacher. Hope he's doing something fun. He's the sweetest guy.


all the cumin seed gouda there was

Tomatoes and kale

Carnivore's dream!

basil- I could eat it everyday

Love these

This is at the other market. I plan to take a paper and hang out a while next week!
Kitten overseer 

Sweet, eh?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

And now for a little art

Tomorrow I'll post about the farmers market which was fabulous as always and a good haul of stuff!

But, today I finished up an art piece for a round robin I'm doing over the next 13 months. I love collaborative art. I met these artists at Artfest. Some are relatives of each other, some friends and some new like me. They had a journal that they did last year, each choosing their own theme. Each person got theirs returned at Artfest. Ours will not be done by next year's Artfest, but those attending will bring whatever they are working on along to share with the group.

I decided not to do a book. I wanted something that would be viewed more. So I decided to go with canvas that I'll put in embroidery hoops and hang as a group. The 13 circles vary in size from 3" - 12 "  My piece is the 12 inch one since it has the theme. I'm pretty excited about seeing what others are doing. Our first round starts now. We have each book/project one month.

Opposite wall

They will hang around this little door

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Yippee! Farmers Markets-yep, plural!

It has been a banner day!  I went to our farmers market, my favorite coffee shop, an arts and crafts fair in Butchertown, where I found a few good things, mostly in the jewelry department, and then to another NEW farmers market near ours, but with later hours. Fun, fun, fun!

The flowers were beautiful, I loved the peaceful look of the blues, whites, and yellows. Nice and spring-like-though it is more like mid-summer temperatures.

 Oh, the joy of the first omelet of the year. Sweet- veggies and cheese. It was absolutely delicious! I'm so thrilled to have our omelet makers back at the market.
Jim opted for tamales

Big day for chicken!

These petite green beans look great.
Also, I was excited to see the blueberry folks from Daviess County back this year.  The blueberries are fantastic- my first stop at the market. Last year, I was going to get them on the way out- GONE!  I learned my lesson. Two quarts -one for eating and one for freezing.  Couple of yellow squash, green beans, sugar snap peas, quart of strawberries, chicken, flowers, and three tomatoes. Oh, my!

Aren't they beautiful?

more garden goodness

These stock flowers smell delightful!

The haul

They look pretty together, eh?
This was at the Douglass Blvd market.
The Douglass Blvd market has a totally different vibe from ours. I liked it a lot , too in a different way. I was thrilled to be able to get my favorite granola here from a precious Mennonite or Amish little girl. She was about 8 and one of the prettiest children I've ever seen. You can't see in the cup, but it was filled with delightful lavender lemonade. Oh, so refreshing. We bought barbecue pork and potato salad from them, too. Jim thinks it is the best potato salad he's ever had-ever!

The DB market

The haul from that market