Saturday, August 04, 2012


Well, this post ended up upside down so this was really supposed to go after the standard "in the kitchen" photo. But, oh well, I'll just roll with it, so we will start in the middle!

 This is our huge expenditure on chicken. Matt, our chicken farmer who's getting divorced and will no longer be our chicken farmer, was there today for his only appearance this summer. I thanked him so much for all the wonderful chickens we'd had over the years. They were just the best, tended with his love.
I told him we were sorry about everything and wished him all the best. It was hard not to cry. His soon to be ex-wife will be there in the fall. I don't know if I can buy from her. We will miss him. We bought a whole, 2 whole cut-up, and two 2 packs of breasts. I'll savor every bite.
Below are pictures from the market itself. Lots of children working today including two young farmers selling their cukes.

 Claire's Dixie Cup bouquets and flowers below

 My friend, Ann, who lets me sell cheese every now and then
 Beautiful bouquets from Ivor's farm
 Ivor's goods, see my little cabbages?
Ivor preparing our omelets which were extra yummy today.
It was a hot one today at the market. Cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy then sunny and humid!
 Here's the haul, and it was a big one and heavy!
 Peaches! I take these containers from the blueberries earlier in the season to protect the peaches from getting smashed on the way home. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, they'd end up battered until I thought of this!
 These are those tiny cabbages that are not a whole lot bigger than a big peach :)
 I got some #2 and #1 tomatoes this week. I'll trim and cut up the #2s for the freezer for soups this fall and winter. The #1s will be to eat uncooked.
 This is tomato pie- lunch for today or tomorrow-looks yummy, eh?
 Cockscomb, something I don't remember the name of, and tuberose.  Oh, the aroma of tuberose. It will fill the house all week. I'll put one in the living room and one in a bathroom and bedroom. So delightful!
Below are the young farmers with their scale, cukes and zucchini. I should have bought cukes even though I didn't need any.

I'll leave you with a picture of the car that was parked next to me at the women's prayer breakfast this week. 
I want it!

And pics from a visit with Ez and O this week, of course!

And as a last minute addition- the hummingbirds are back!  They are early-don't know what that means and they are competing with wasps in my yard. They love all of the plants in Judy's yard and occasionally come to my feeder for some easy feeding.
Also some backyard flowers.