Monday, August 29, 2011

How about a craft project-

that doesn't involve chalkboard paint?  I knew you thought I was going to use more of that stuff and I've seen it done on cute little clay pots.
But, this is a French-inspired pot. You know I've been working with clip art and have a collection of French labels, etc, and decided to try my hand at these!  I think they are lovely and I knew my sister, Richey would be crazy about them, too. I used a few clips from the Graphics Fairy who has great clip art.
I did mine a little differently, of course. I had a brown clay pot for my first one, and painted it with slightly diluted cheap, white acrylic paint, which I dabbed some with paper towel until it looked the way I wanted. I edited my clip art and covered over the address in the ad with my own. Flipped the entire image horizontally so the words would be backwards (this is crucial if you are using text). I didn't have Outdoor Mod Podge so I went with Matte Medium. I think it did fine. I painted the matte medium on the image and place on the pot printed side to pot, smoothed it down well and waited for it to dry overnight. Then got it wet and rubbed the paper off, revealing the transferred image. Part of the white paint came off, too but I touched it up. I will try giving the third attempt a coating before I do the image and see how that works.
I didn't coat the finished first pot with a matte coating for outdoors but I will when I take the plant out and hopefully I won't have to redo. I will however seal future pots.
On to pot number two- a BIG pot! I did the same thing over regular orange clay pot but added a little grey here and there. Again, I like the aged, mottled look.
This time I used a cute garden label and added our address inside it.
The one I am working on tonight, I did our address in French instead of English and no one will know if I did it correctly since none of us are fluent in French around here.
And- I didn't spill anything on the floor!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Saturday!

See the new chalkboard?
Sometimes you are just glad to see a new day!  Yesterday I spilled almost an entire quart of chalkboard paint on my hardwood floors in the living room.  Thankfully, it wasn't on the wool rug but did splash onto the antique washstand. Boo. Lots of cleaning.
But, not only is it a new day, but a beautiful one here in Louisville.  We headed out early to the market. What a difference a week makes. Very little corn from our farmer we got all of that corn from last week! Fewer Cherokee Purple tomatoes, but lots of flowers and peaches. I love all of the things I got.
Close up of the goodness

Yummy tomatoes and peaches

The peaches look great and I have some more goat cheese! Tomato and Peach Salad coming right up!
The green beans last week were fantastic- the best of the year. He was back with more this week- I was so glad!

I was also in the mood for cucumber salad with onion so picked up these two varieties for the week.
Raspberries are thinning out so this could be the last week and we could only get a pint.
 The Mother's Sticky Chicken was so great  I was still eating it for lunch Thursday. I asked Chef Jim to indulge me again this week. Our chicken farmer will not be at the market next week. So we bought another whole, cut-up.

And now for the flowers which were glorious this week!

The big picture!


tuberose- I just threw out last week's this morning.

I forget the name of these-but I think I'll buy some next week.

This is "something" shield-the purple and it is spectacular! looks so perfect that it could be artificial.
Love this little green plant which will replace one that died with my  hibiscus outside.

Isn't this a beautiful variety? Green and maroon.

And a favorite, as you know

ending on a sweet note!

basil-oh, the aroma!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmers market, of course!

Scrumptious, what else can I say about Saturday's haul from the FM?  I was evidently hungry! First stop was the beautiful basil, I bought two bunches. I know I won't actually eat all of it, but it makes the kitchen smell so good that I decided to look at it like flowers.  Bunch of purple and bunch of green. Yum.

Next peaches. I had two today. They are so good, a little granola on top, maybe a little vanilla ice cream. Tomorrow-more tomato peach salad.
These are the first apples of the season. Jonathan and Gala. See the peaches, too?
On to green beans which were in the potato salad last night. One of my favorite summer dishes-green bean potato salad with shallots, basil, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. So very good.
I picked up 12 ears of corn-most will be cut off and go in the freezer for later use in soups and stews. We had a mix of corn, peppers, green beans for dinner tonight along with Mother's Sticky Chicken and sautéed romaine with mustard dressing.
I see some grilled squash in my future and this looks perfect!

I was intrigued by white watermelon and it didn't disappoint. Super sweet, not sure I would want it every  time, though, it's really just like sugar! The white flesh with the black seeds was beautiful!
Red potatoes! Of course for the potato salad, forgot about them, and a few Cherokee Purple tomatoes for the above mentioned salad.
No blackberries this week so Jim went with raspberries.  Oh, no omelet either- I was on a schedule so I could meet friends to go see the movie The Help, so breakfast was at Fleur de Lis Cafe, which I think took as long as the omelet line would have-note to self**

Okra-this time the other variety (not Star of David), hum-maybe Milsap White? I'll ask next week. It is an heirloom variety.
Now for flowers- yay for the tuberose which makes the house smell wonderful all week. I went with the darker sunflower this week. Not to wish my life away, but I am looking forward to fall.

And that about covers this week's market adventure. Missed having Amy here, though.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Farmers market 8/13

This week was a special farmers market because Amy was here to enjoy it, too!  We headed out on our usual trek with a stop at Day's for coffee and then off to Kizito to pick up ginger muffins- a special request that they went to a lot of trouble to honor.
Then it was on to the market. Yum-tomatoes, including my favorite Cherokee Purple, okra (Star of David variety), peaches for peach and tomato salad, corn, chicken, of course, flowers, cheese, hot pepper butter, the same I slather on my omelet every week- sweet, hot, spicy-delicious! Oh, yes, and blackberries. Already made (and have eaten) the peach and tomato salad.  Easy peasy. Peel and seed tomatoes, peel peaches, course chop both place in bowl. Chop up fresh basil add to fruit and splash a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper and crumble a little soft goat cheese. It is soooo good.

The goods

Kizito yumminess
Add caption

Another fabulous week of goodness. Jim made brown rice, okra and bacon casserole, barbecue chicken, and I added the peach and tomato salad for dinner last night. Left overs were lunch today. I love good eating.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Flour Sack Towels

This is the project Richey and I worked on. I LOVE these and am inspired to do more and open an etsy shop!  (Thanks, Richey!)They are soft and cute, cute, cute! I got the idea to subtract some of the image and add personalization of name and address. Just a hint of color. I'm a big black and white lover. While I'll probably do some color image transfers, I really love black and white best. The right one has the street address which I blurred to protect privacy. I did some for Jim for his birthday. Watch out-a set of flour sack towels could be headed to your home soon!

The thought crossed my mind that people might not like an old address on them, but then again, how fun to look back at where you lived different years if you are a frequent mover.

Oh, the possibilities! I love possibilities!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

No market today but fun none the less!

Paperweight and gift bag

Cute plate favor bags

I'm visiting my sister in Georgia this weekend. We have been crafting together. I customized some kitchen towels for a friend who just moved into a house. Actually, I picked out the designs and told her what to do to them and she printed them, cut them and I'll iron them!
Richey has an etsy store, by Richner, and makes cute muslin bags, magnets and paperweights that are perfect for gifts and favors.
She also made me this great pillow cover, tea towel and lovely bag of goodies! I got the bag with the quote earlier.
Off to iron!
Bag of goodies

cute tote I got earlier

pillow cover 12x12

kitchen towel