Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farmers Market 6/26

Today we didn't need as much from the market, I was gone a few days last week, so we still have some food. But the corn looked good so we bought a few ears of that. It is bi-color. Green beans from Happy Jacks and oolala-the first Cherokee Purple tomatoes of the year! Yippee! I'm going to let them ripen a bit and I think I am going to try Diane's bruschetta pasta, basically my bruschetta topping tossed into pasta. I'm thinking whole wheat penne. Grate a little parmesan cheese-yum. Can't pass up a container of blueberries- I bought these from the people who bring pies. Potatoes from Bill- he didn't charge extra for the dirt (and there was a lot of it!), and snaps from the flower folks, 3 happy stems for a dollar. Gonna add this banana pepper to a salad I think. More grilled cabbage heading to our plates soon, too!
I saw an estate sale sign by the market so we headed down the alley to check it out. Glad I did, mostly because I discovered the neatest urban garden along the way. Didn't have my camera (note to self- ALWAYS has something to take a picture with on you) so pictures coming soon.
This is my stash from the estate sale.  Sue had a great idea about a doily table runner in last weeks Wednesday Link Love, I have some doilies but for 3/$1 I decided I probably had to have more! Thought these little jelly glasses were cute with the stars across the top (see them?) so I'll use these the next two weeks for flowers or drinking, or votive candles in red, white and blue for the 4th of July. I'm always thinking of things to use cheese cloth for so was glad to pick up a package. I have a love affair with tiny tins so these are going to live with the others, I'll post a pic soon of the collection. We use cloth napkins now and these were pretty, soft and the right price 1.50 for the bunch of them. Then, I always think I will make a brooch bouquet someday for someone. So all eyes are out looking for cute brooches for cheap. Maybe a granddaughters wedding someday. So I got these little cuties for a dollar each.  The lovely zinnias are a gift from the dental assistant, Autumn, that I worked with Friday when I filled in at another office. She brought the bouquet into my operatory for the day. I LOVE zennias and she is growing them along with sunflowers in the yard of the office complex where she works- a bed around an old stump of a tree. I got to take them home! Lucky me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farmers market 6/19

It's farmers market day again! I awoke to thunder and rain this morning but by the time I got up and dressed it had quit so we headed out to the market.  Rain wouldn't have changed that but it sure is more fun without it. First stop carrots! Also another of those cabbages which are arrowhead cabbage. I also got the yellow cucumbers from the first farmer-before the end of the season, I will know the name of the farm. Gee. Next, yellow squash-clearly more grilling in the future this week. Also the yellow cauliflower was fantastic on the grill last week, so another was purchased today. More blueberries, some potatoes and how about that kale!? I think some soup is coming with that. I used up all of my eggs making egg muffins so got another dozen. We decided to try some of our chicken guy's beef today and got some kabob meat. Going by Claire's flowers just makes me happy. I couldn't pass up this great tall, red Lobelia. I'll find a place for it. The red is just spectacular! I also bought a Dixie cup bouquet today, my first of the year. I got the other flowers from Bill. He seemed proud to have put together this great bouquet with the gooseneck loosestrife, which I love (he threw in two more stalks of that) for the bargain price of three bucks! He is the widower of Teresa who died this spring. He comes each week with herbs and flowers. I hope to buy something every week. I told him that I sure do miss her and especially her food! Another bountiful week of farm goodness. Lucky us.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun in a jar

My friend, Sue-UrbanLittleHouse, posts great web finds and this was one from a recent Wednesday Link Love. I love Wednesday, Sue's posts are the best. I said I was going to try and it and I did. It was a hit! I had sliced Italian bread in a basket just in case someone wanted to make a sandwich and plates for deconstruction if desired, too.  We discussed what other layered meals we could do in a jar:  lettuce, tomato and chicken salad, cantaloupe, chicken salad and grapes, lettuce, cantaloupe, and chicken salad, and my sister suggested potatoes, onions, carrots, roast beef for a jar beef stew.
Go catch up on a few Wednesdays with Sue and while you are at it, if you want to be happy and smile, check out this post, too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I couldn't pass this up!  I saw this little girl set up 3 blocks from my house as I was going home from Jazzercize. I watered my plants, grabbed my change (I didn't even have one dollar bill) and walked to her place for a nice cup of lemonade, she was charging 50 cents- I gave her a dollar. Worth every penny.
I love entrepreneurs.

A little art

I did a few atcs today. I have not been in a creative place lately and I never know whether to push through it and create things I don't feel good about or to just set art aside for a while. That is what I chose this time. But, I'm back wanting to give art a whirl now.  I signed up for Claudine Hellmuth's online course which starts July 1 and I'm looking at a paper cutting ( a la Matisse) course locally at Louisville Visual Arts. But, I'd better call tomorrow if I'm going to do it.

Joanne, I think, sent me this cool exotic bird napkin and I got it out a couple of days ago. Today I made these four atcs. I like napkin art a lot for the feel of it and these had so much pattern they didn't require a lot more of me. Easing in, slowly....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Farmers market 6/12

Maybe my favorite day so far for food, but so humid I could cry.  I hate the humidity-the temp is not so bad but I just melt in the wetness of it all. Thank you for air-conditioning in the Ohio River Valley. 
We slept late and wandered down to the market in full swing.  First stop-the delicious yellow squash from last week. Oh, so good. I want to try grilling some this week. (Okay, you know Jim is really doing the grilling...). The little cabbages were already snatched up so Jim went and grabbed one of these cute ones, but I don't know the variety- do you?  Then I also wanted broccoli and cauliflower to grill or roast (yes, Jim is the one doing it...) I'm almost out so picked up a pound of local honey. Blueberries-I could eat a pint a day. 
Whole chickens coming in two weeks, today, two packs of breasts.
You know it pays to be a friend of the cheese folks. Kenny has been out of cumin seed gouda for three weeks! It is all going to restaurants, but Anne, (Kenny's sister and my market person) told me last week I'd get one and she came through!  Another guy begged for some but she saved it for me. Yea!  I told her I wouldn't need any next week, so someone else can benefit from her snatching one for the market. 
The little basil is from MY container garden and is going in my first bruschetta of the season today or tomorrow. I added this yarrow to the goose-neck loosestrife from last week, which is holding up nicely.
We shared an omelet today-perfect-beets, potatoes, greens, onions, with hot sauce. Yummmmy!
On the way home, we stopped for coffee, make mine iced please, and spotted a Highlands pottery sale a couple of houses down. Couldn't pass that up though I didn't buy a thing last week. The house hosting it is also on the Cherokee Garden Tour. So- pottery and a garden all in one stop! I bought this great pot off of the 2nds table. Looks first rate to me.
We've decided to get a bigger grill- we have the Weber Smoky Joe- but I'd like vegetables cooked ahead to pull out of the fridge for lunch, so makes sense to do some BIG grilling on the weekends.
Off to check out grills online and do a little art.

Final Bermuda Post

I still had a few things to share from my trip though things have been busy around here the last week.

These are some of the beautiful flowers found in Bermuda. Somehow I missed the Oleander, which is everywhere! I love morning glories and grow them here, they are growing wild here. The tree is a Norfolk Island Pine. I think the bark looks like it has pairs of eyes up and down it! The white may be a variety of frangipani, which smells wonderful! I have some pictures of our Segway tour around the Maritime museum but I can't seem to find them. But, here is one for now!  It was really easy to learn how to use the Segway and I recommend anyone to try one. It's loads of fun! My DH is behind me.
Okay , maybe it won't be the last post about Bermuda.....

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Farmers Market 6/5/10

Farmers Market today offered some new items! Summer squash, carrots, beets (for my mom), cabbage and also the last of the radishes until fall. The squashed looked fabulous and I was happy to get some small cabbages, one for slaw and a bit larger one to halve and put on the grill. I love KY carrots, though my mom thinks they taste like "dirt". The taste is earthier but I like it a lot. Gotta love a great bunch of green onions and some salad greens. Had another omelet today-same as last week's though I think the habanero sauce was a little hotter this week. Wow!

There was an art sale of handmade pottery in the parking lot of the church across the street. Did a lot of looking and I was tempted but refrained from any purchases. And a yard sale at the church next to the FM. Couldn't pass that up. I got some kid clothes- a whole bag full for 4.00! Can't have too many pairs of pjs, shorts and shirts.