Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun project

I decided that the cedar chest I had been using for a coffee table was too big and bulky.  I wanted something with legs but nothing ordinary. Looking around on the internet I found some furniture made with luggage! Perfect!  I had this trunk that I got at Goodwill several years ago.  It needed a wood bottom to support the screws for the legs, legs and the hardware for them, some stain and polyurethane. I had the stain and poly so a trip to Lowe's for the rest and 30 bucks later here is the "new" coffee table! I love it and it makes the room appear so much larger. I like that my feet fit under it and it still holds almost all of the vhs movies I had stored in the chest.
The trunk

The stuff

The new table

A closer view!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmers market 7/30 and the winner is.....

Congratulations to Anne A-winner of the rubber stamp set and whatever ends up in the envelope with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, no way wouuld you get such good deals at the Farmers Market on the west coast. It's been a long time since we exchanged ATCs. I Need new rubber. Too bad you didn't join us in the Ampersand rolodex swap. Suzanne came up with a good one: Black & White & Re(a)d all over. Pick me, pick me. XXX. Anne A.

Thanks to all who commented on my 400th post.
I hope you enjoy using the stamps, Anne!

Now, on to the 401st and the haul from the farmers market and a bit about dinner at a new restaurant.

Today's haul!
It was a great day to go to the market. The overcast skies were inviting and provided a reprieve from the sweltering heat of late.  We needed lots of items. First stop was for heirloom tomatoes! I got a variety today-Mr. Stripey, Cherokee Purple and a pink German one. Bruscetta tonight or tomorrow night. Yum.

Ok, my blogspot isn't letting me do what I want so, inserted is a commercial for Harvest, a relatively new restaurant located downtown. It is "farm to fork" and so yummy!  Our omelet guys started it and it is getting rave reviews. Jim and I went with my sister, her friend, Jon, and Mom this week. I love the decor, the tables which are big hunks of wood, and the pictures on the wall- big photos of the farmers! There is also a map of the area on which the farms are marked and photos of the farmers. I look forward to a lot of good meals there.

Mom and Mary Ann

Mary Ann's pork, grits and carrots

My fried chicken and spoon bread 

I have been craving green bean potato salad so that is on Mr. Jim's menu tonight along with bison burgers. Our chicken guy will be away from the market next weekend so a whole chicken was needed. I also got a dozen jumbo eggs and am making egg muffins today for the week.

These jumbo eggs are beautiful!

Had to go back to these!

Green beans and red potatoes

bruschetta makings

I'm still captivated with the texture of these

for the carnivores


The blackberries were wonderful last week along with the peaches in a crisp so I think a small one will be whipped up tomorrow. Jim doesn't eat sweets much so it will be all mine!

I went back to sunflowers this week and that had a bunch of them! I may get the pretty brown petaled ones next time. Cabbage, cucumbers (I love cucumber sandwiches!) and a box of little pears round out this weeks selections. I had an omelet, of course, prepared by Brent who is home from doing his Masters degree and getting ready to go back to teaching.

picked at 9 last night

white peaches

The corn was picked 12 hours prior to our purchase. Doesn't get much fresher than that unless you grow it yourself!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

400th post, a giveaway, yard sale finds and Farmers Market all in one!

Wow! 400 posts- I don't really know what to think about that! I started this blog June 1, 2005. So in a little over 6 years, or 319 weeks or 2273 days- I wrote 400 posts, hum a little over one a week average.
So, maybe not so much a celebration but a reward for those who read my ramblings- I have a small giveaway.
I love this Tim Holtz rubber stamp set, so much that I bought two, opened them and didn't realize I already had. So, I am delighted for it to find a new home. I use the quotes and the little bird a lot. So, if you want this rubber set to come live with you or to pass it on to another who will love it, just comment on this post before next Saturday morning and I'll use the random number selector to choose a winner. Since my readership is certainly small you have an unusually good chance to win this prize and who knows what else might end up in your envelope!

Today's haul
The market was hot today and we got there by around 8:30 with a detour to the coffee shop (iced, please) and a yard sale (details to come). So, we didn't linger. The chicken is frozen and I didn't bring a proper storage bag and frozen blue thingy for toting. The blueberries are done-boo- and the bison woman wasn't there- boo hoo.  But, there's a box of blackberries, peaches, tomatoes, chicken, cabbage, flowers and an omelet!
Love the Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Bruschetta tonight!
the peaches looked great!

Jim has been loving these on his Shredded Wheat, which he eats dry- yuk

my omelet! 

The omelet had potatoes, kale, beens,onion, squash, choizo, goat cheese and some kind of Kenny's cheese. Yummy!

Aren't these flowers pretty?  Sweet William and a type of hydrangea I thought would be nice as a switch from the sunflowers.

These are growing on a fence in the alley we go home through. So inviting!

Baby O clothes
for later

little fleece jacket

I love little sets like this

for early fall

Isn't this the sweetest

for fall

another fall shirt

even sweeter


The reverse

who doesn't like bristle blocks?

needed one of these!
All my yard sale stuff was a total of 8.00! Baby O will be dressed to the hilt and travel in style!

Now don't forget to spread the word about my giveaway, if you don't mind the competition! And leave me a comment to be entered!
Hope you are somewhere cooler than here doing something fantastically fun! And just because I can't help myself, here are O and E!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

More art and a giveaway to come

The sign in tag for the artist-my contact info is on back

Front of my page

I failed to post my art for Barbara's book. Her theme is Traveling the Road of Life-balancing Time.There were several sizes (all "large" to me) to choose from. I like folds so chose one with a flap. You could do one page or as many as you wanted. I ended up doing my chosen page front, inside and back.

opened flap

This is the page opened out inside.
close up of the quote
Back page

close up of quote
It was a fun book to work in and I love using quote stamps on art.

I always feel privileged to work in other's art pieces.

NEXT POST will be  my 400th!  I'll be doing a giveaway!