Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's another orange day

Today I made two more atcs for the swap. They have a long way to go to get to Calgary, Alberta so I need to get them in the mail. Must arrive by the 30th to swap in this month's trade. I can't think of orange with out thinking of the beautiful color of copper, my favorite metal. Twinkling H2O background swash on cardstock with either ginger peach or a brown. I covered with a tranparency, from I don't remember where. Attached with copper brads. Staz-on black to rubber stamp the Poste Italiane onto copper mesh. Cut with stamp-edged scissors and mounted with sticky dots. I tried a clear laminate, but didn't work. The Tea atc is a napkin applied to watercolor paper with Mod Podge. I used a happiness punch, had to stomp on it to get it to go through the watercolor paper! Backed it with another piece of the babywipe/acrylic paint "fabric" to show through the punch. Stamped "tea" with paprika Versacolor and embossed with Pirate Gold. I hope to do one more......

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Orange ATCs

Today I made orange atcs for the monthly atc swap on byhandartists yahoogroup. The one on the left's background is a baby wipe with acrylic red and yellow paint saturating it. It ends up feeling like felt. I didn't back it with anything, I liked the feel of it. The stamp is from artchix studio, the feather from an atc background book and the building is a printed tissue paper. I stamped one writing background with vintage photo distress ink, the other with black Staz-on.
The right atc is watercolor paper that was monoprinted off another babywipe background done in rust and green. I stamped the column with vintage photo distress ink, the other italian stamps in dark moss chalk ink. I stamped the background writing with Bark Versacolor. The head is artchix, the wings are cut out of atc background paper, the body is off of a postcard I bought in Italy of a variety of belltowers. Bella is stamped with Impress Black Dye ink.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

White on White fat book pages

Today I worked on a prototype for my white on white fat book on the byhandartists yahoogroup. I typically think of vintage when I think of white, but while at the beach this summer, I was reminded of all the shades of white on the beach. The sand in the panhandle of Florida is sugar-white but tan when wet. Many of the sea birds are white. The foam of the water, the water itself near the shore, the mist on a windy day- all shades of white. So I decided to use a funky sandpiper stamp and shades of blue-white to tan-white for this fun page. I gathered the shells on the beach with this project in mind.
On a sad note, my dear friend and bridge partner for many, many years lost her battle with Melanoma today. She put forth a brave effort to live in general, but especially to know of the birth of her first grandchildren, twin boys-Jackson and Duncan, who are about two weeks old. I have kept our "Bridge Babes" scrapbook since 1992. We have taken trips to the beach, to a friend's lakehouse, annual bazaar treks, had pool parties and celebrated and shared sorrows together for many years. This page is a tribute to her and reminder that I will always remember her. The tags behind the picture pocket are for each "Bridge Babe" to use to write a favorite memory of her. Here's to you, my friend, to a life lived well and full. I'll miss you at the bridge table.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday, Amy

How exciting I hope it is, despite your homesickness, to spend your 29th birthday in Africa doing meaningful work. I read with great interest Nick Kristof's column today. He and his student/teacher team are in Rowanda while you are in Uganda. I'm so proud that instead of wishing that the world was a better place, you are doing something to make that wish come true. If Kristof's appeal for essays congealed your plans to go no matter, then cheers to him as well. I hope he realizes that his appeal alone is making a difference in the respondants' lives and the world.
My wish for you, sweet girl, is a wonderful, fun, life-changing taste of this wonderful planet we live on, filled with incredible people to know and love. Remember when language becomes a barrier or you feel lonely that love is a universal language. A knowing glance, the touch of hand to hand, or hand to shoulder, just sitting with someone-all convey love. I love you dearly and am so proud to call you mine. May your day be filled with peace and joy and love, Mom

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Uganda

I got a brief email that Amy has arrived at Noah's Ark. Amazingly, she is very homesick-a totally unexpected thing! She has never been homesick. But, I was reminded that she usually has a traveling companion. The other volunteers are Dutch and AFrican. They speak their own languages with each other and only when one on one with Amy, do they try out their English. So she feels very alone. Pray for her that she will get over this quickly and enjoy her time there.
The atc is an old one I did for a swap.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Amy on my mind

I got an email that she made it to Amsterdam about 2 AM EDT. She is now enroute to Uganda. I'll be glad when she is safely at Noah's Ark. It is a beautiful day here in Louisville. I have spent the morning revising a portable display board that I use to teach my bloodborne pathogens course. I usually only have to do this once a year. I just did it a couple of months ago and am already re-doing. The self sealing laminating sheets just didn't hold. So annoying. It takes a lot of time to do it. I hoped to do art instead. So as suggested by some of my byhandartist yahoogroup art friends, I am adding an old piece of art to the site from my flickr account. This an atc I did with serendipity paper I made and cut up. You can tell from my blog header that I like serendipity paper, it uses up my scraps and I like the messy way it looks. The stamp quote is from my friend, Suzanne's site She has lots of quotes that I love and more fun art supplies.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dylan mingle page

I got around to some art today so I might as well include it while I'm thinking about it. I am participating in a 4x 4 1/2" "This and That" Mingle on the byhandartists yahoogroup. Each month we do a page about one of several themes that are offered by our host, Yogi Grunwald, and send it on to the person below us on the list Yogi makes of monthly participants. This month I chose Bob Dylan Day (June 21).
I like this mingle because each month you can decide whether to participate. If life is busy that month, I just don't sign up. It's fun to see what art comes my way each month and where my mind heads, too. The back has a "record" spinner with Dylan trivia.

My favorite coffee

I was feeling a bit blue last week and decided I needed some of my favorite coffee to cheer me up. I know coffee I like when I drink it, I haven't learned yet what it is that MAKES it coffee I like. My favorite coffee ever I bought in Alaska last August. I brought a pound (or whatever amount they sell coffee in these days)home with me and a pound for my daughter for Christmas. I have long since brewed all of it. So, I found their website, which can be found in my links, and ordered a bag of Misty Fjords (my known favorite) and to try something different, Resurrection Blend. Not only is the coffee fantastic, the artwork on the packaging is just as inspiring and probably part of the appeal for me.
The great thing is that I forgot I ordered it until it came a week later! Ahhhhhh, back to yummy coffee that calls me to get up in the morning! This time of year I brew it a bit stronger than usual, chill and have it iced. Oh, the joys of summer mornings with a glass of iced Raven's Brew.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Amy's trip to Africa

My daughter,Amy, leaves on her journey to Uganda Tuesday. She will be working at Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda.
She will be keeping a blog about her adventures. She is a much better, more interesting writer than her mother and you'll enjoy her witty prose. I packed up 17 pounds of clothing for kids donated by her friends here in Louisville and sent to her to take along.
It's a beautiful day here, we plan to go watch racing at Churchill Downs and I hope to get in some art.

Friday, June 08, 2007

eggs and birds

Here are pictures of the Mourning Dove eggs and birds that were in my window boxes outside the front bedroom. It was an adventure to find the nest and the same night find an egg and then the next day another. The birds hatched a week before we left to go on vacation, but by the time we returned they were gone. The nest, too. Mourning doves make the most insignificant, unsubstantial nests. It had been so dry while we were gone that the pansies were gone, too!

another link to a countdown

Lisa Vollrath is doing another countdown. You can download printable for your personal art here: