Sunday, November 18, 2012

How did it get to be mid-November?

I guess I've been doing so many things that writing a post hasn't fit into my schedule lately! Well, if anyone is still interested I'll catch you up on the market and other happenings with me.
Let's start from yesterday and work backwards.
It was a lovely fall day here in Louisville, and stay tuned, next weekend promises 70 degree temps and sunny skies.

We headed out to the market a bit later than usual. I had a busy day planned and wanted to be dressed for the day instead of my standard get up, run a brush through my hair, wash my face, brush my teeth and go Saturday-to-market-look.

But, I paid a price- no watermelon radishes :(, no smoked gouda :( but I did score a free-range fresh turkey and I hadn't pre-ordered!

Yes, this was Chef Jim's birthday week! I gave him Circulon cookware many years ago and it was showing a good bit of wear in our frequently used pots and pans so he got a new set for his birthday!
I told him I was afraid it was a bit like giving a wife a vacuum cleaner but he is a man of few wants to I was grateful to have thought of it and made a smashing deal with the lady at Kohl's by seeing what was on sale elsewhere and using my 20% coupon.

We had to wait until 11:30 to buy the turkey to insure that all pre orderers  had a chance to pick up their birds but we went ahead and got breasts- some nice small ones that suit our needs- and got all the food home and put away before returning for our big bird!
As an aside- there an no acorns to be found around here! I wanted some for a vase and candle but either it was a bad year for acorns or the squirrels are planning on a really bad winter. I was only able to pick up the sorriest bag of about 15. Boo.

Knowing that we will tire of poultry by next weekend, we planned ahead with some bison.

Charles had a variety of giveaways, for kids mostly-but, hey, I got this nice wasp's nest for Ezra! 

How about this gorgeous broco-flower?

I bought these beautiful herbs but I could have saved my money- the turkey came with a lovely bunch!

On the menu at the tent with precooked food was an African Sweet Potato Soup and Brunswick Stew.

And most sadly but wonderful, this is the last omelet for 6 months. Oh, how we miss it all winter and early spring. I gave Brent a big hug. We were hoping to treat Jim's sister, Joan and BIL Mike to them next week, but alas.  It was extra- super delicious.

Oh, and a few tiny pumpkins for the table.

And some Leaping Lemon granola- thank goodness she will be coming to the market all winter. I love it!

And now to rewind to previous weeks. I'll share a few of the better pictures and hope you don't nod off too soon!

OOPS it seems I'm out of free space for photos? Hum, I'll have to figure that out!
Enjoy your day!