Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's Derby Day and Farmers Market Day

I'll catch you up on some farmer's market post and other goings on around here!
Can't believe it has been a month since a blogged.
Kentucky Derby is a season around here not a 2 minute horse race but two weeks of music, fun, hot air balloons, parades, foot races, boat races and finally a horse race. I taught a class last Saturday which cut into my usual Derby festivities, like watching the marathon runners and the balloon race. So I was sort of feeling blue about things but jumped right in with the Great Steamboat Race. Ezra went with me to meet some folks from church and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and evening on the Ohio River. Now don't ask me who won the race, to tell you the truth- I don't even know, but it was a reason to be with happy people on the waterfront playing, snacking and talking. OK by me.
My children and I have fond memories of previous boat races watched sitting on the hill behind Kingfish.
I want to make two trips to Seattle in the next few months, one for a legal marriage of my already "married" daughter and partner as Washington now has same sex marriage. Good for them and it's about time that their 14 year commitment will now be officially recognized and give them rights like next of kin to each other.  The second trip to be present for Amy's dissertation defense and completion of her PhD in Bio-behavioral Nursing. So, no trips to the race track for me this year. I have more important trips coming up!
We started our morning today with a trip to Day's Coffee Shop for a Miele espresso with cinnamon and honey and a trip to the market in the drizzle.
My pretty Miele- Thanks Jordan!

My small parcel from the market

Last week for ranunculus  :(

kale- yum

Thought I'd take a chance on these two tomatoes

Asparagus for Mom- I already have some, and a cuke for me!

Decided to pick a new flavor instead of Leapin Lemon and go with the Cape Cod which has orange zest and almonds
Tonight's Derby dinner is my favorite potato salad with onion, potatoes and green beans in a vinegar dressing. Oh, so good. Along with barbecued ribs from Kroger that I picked up yesterday.
Super duper no matter who wins the race. My horses ( no bets this year but I have picked a horse for every race today) are itsmyluckyday, Charming Kitten, Java's War (nod to the coffee) and Frac Daddy (would like to see Rosie win).

Here are a few pics from Easter- my church does it up in a big, colorful, joyful, celebratory way!

And I've gotten on a fairy garden kick so here's my first attempt in a hypertufa pot I already had.

Christmas ornament for a gazing ball

Some crushed shells for a path, mini terra-cotta pots

A champagne cage for a bird bath

Me and precious E and O

Beautiful spring day a couple of weeks ago

Ez at the boat race
My art pursuits have been doing a little block on a page everyday praying in color for someone or something. I started on the first day of lent in February and have done one every day since. It's been a nice spiritual discipline and a artistic discipline, too!

Spring is proving to be a festive time of renewal.