Saturday, March 02, 2013

Family Fun!

I think it has been over a year since this group was all together for a dinner and I couldn't have been happier last night. Okay, maybe if my sisters and BILs were here, my sweet Rachel, a few dearest friends... but really, so grateful for the ones that were :)
We had dinner, dessert (thanks, Mom), took turns asking questions from How Does She blog, and just visited and played.
Note to self-
1. do not admonish 8 year old for eating a strawberry before dinner for he will be sad in the closet :(
2. do not put the crackers, cheese and fruit on the table before dinner is ready if it isn't an appetizer or there will only be a little cup o' potato soup for dinner :)
3. always have Redi-Whip
4. dinnertime questions are fun 
5. When mosaic glass breaks hug child first, then get the broom ( the practical person in me wins out every time and I could kick myself)
Okay enough for the admission of sins and moving on to the fun (thanks for letting me forgive myself).
Time to bore you with some family photos!



Ezra has found ridiculous videos on the web

Could I have whip cream in a bowl for dessert?? I love her!

Self portraits

more self portraits
Let's do it again soon!