Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's a wonderful life, and a busy one!

In the 6-7 weeks since I last posted all kinds of things have been going on! Summer's here and the produce is fantastic!  My family is growing and I've been on vacation-twice! So, let's get started.
Mother's Day- my sisters contributed funds and I put together a fairy garden for Jenny. She loves and and shows it off  at every opportunity. It was so fun and is so much cuter than mine.

We went to Destin, FL for our annual trip together . The weather was fantastic! Here is Jim enjoying the day.

Okay- I didn't create this but isn't it cute?

View from the condo- I never tire of it or take it for granted- I soak it in every day.

My sister and her boyfriend were in Destin the same time and rented a paddle board . Jim was the most successful  but I did get up on it and stand- for about 3 seconds!

How about this guy??

This is a Dewey Destin's on the bay- we love to eat here at sunset- it's always special.

I got this great shot as the bird took off.

This was the spectacular moonrise and the sun was setting at the same time.


My grandchildren paid a visit to my mom while I was in FL but I got a picture!

Miss O, Baby and me

Ez and me

And now to some fresh produce!

Oh, how I love a summer market omelet-I look forward to it every week.

Here's the haul from the two weeks ago

This is the haul from Fresh Stop- a weekly locally grown bunch of stuff I pick up on Wednesdays ( I'll get another today!)

Arial view! The strawberries were awesome! I passed the collard greens and beets on to my mother..

I wash and prep everything and bought plastic bins to put things in beyond the space of the crisper which is full. Having everything prepared makes quick work for lunches and dinner for Mr. Jim. And I'm eating a whole lot healthier.

ARent' the French Breakfast Radishes amazing?? I've had them in salads and stir fry 


This week's farmers market Saturday haul to supplement the Wednesday haul

The blueberries are fantastic- I'll get an extra pint next week- I'm already out.

And now for the really big news!! I'm going to be a grandmother again! After many years of trying my daughter and her partner are having a baby :) I am so thrilled for them. R is the biological mom and had a rocky start but is doing stellar now and is 18 or 19 weeks. The baby is due in November.
I've been a Goodwill shopping fool getting all kinds of gender neutral items for the early months. We will know the sex next week or so. I'm rooting for a girl- and so are they I think but of course a healthy baby is our hearts' desire.
I've already knitted a sweater, hat and fingerless mittens for BABY. I hadn't knit in a million years. But, it was fun and I picked the yarn out on my most recent trip to Seattle

The buttons are initial buttons are from blazers that my parents had. So a little great grandparent love for the little one.

Here are some Seattle pictures!  A and R got legally married on their 7th anniversary of their wedding here while I was in Seattle.
R, sister and mom

It was a working vacation! Including gardening, power washing, painting, cupcake baking and a whole lot of fun!

What a difference a power washer makes.

Had a morning to go to the Ballard Farmers Market - a favorite Seattle activity for me- but I must say- I had NO Cupcake Royale this trip, NO Three Girls Bakery and NO Cafe Besalu- I think that was a first.

A little accordion music anyone?

Perked up garden- weeded and planted

A whole lot of cupcake baking going on

And really, did it matter that the vegan cupcakes didn't get the vegan icing? Thankfully the mistake was realized so that 4 got vegan everything.

It's official- and in the judge's chambers with the judge in a robe!

cupcake and champagne at the house that night.

Yes, an afternoon off to visit some Seattle fav sites like the gum wall at Pike Place market

A windy trip to Bainbridge on the ferry

A great day for seeing Mt. Rainier 

A visit to Esther's Fabric- how about this  ball of loose threads found in the store

A beautiful sunset at Sunset Hill Park

Life is good!