Sunday, March 20, 2011

New shrink art (or who knew a plastic cup could be so fun?)

Need another good idea for a party favor or gift?
I can always depend on my friend, Sue, for stimulating, fun ideas. This week was no different and even though I just got back from Texas and should be getting ready for the work week I spent time today repurposing #6 recyclable plastic cups into fun pendants with the help of a tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts.
These are just too fun for words. Can't you see a party where you use these plastic cups- I've seen them in yellow, red and blue-and as you move to coffee after dinner, you hand folks back their rinsed out cup to decorate with sharpie pen and melt it for them while they sip coffee and chat? You could put their names on the bottom in the circle to keep them straight, that part gets cut out anyway.
I'm wearing mine to work tomorrow. Who says the first day back after vacation is a drag?
Can't wait to see pictures of the ones you make!