Sunday, April 29, 2012

Peonies today

Too pretty not to share!

Beautiful Saturday

It's Kentucky Derby time here in Louisville again and there is no lack of activities!  I can hardly keep up. Friday morning I woke up early and turned on the local TV news, there's usually something interesting during the Derby festivities and I learned that the balloon race postponed from Thursday night would take off at 7 AM!  I hopped into some clothes, grabbed my camera and was off. They take off from a small airport not far from our house.  Seeing a balloon aloft just cheers my soul.  I just pulled into a nearby street and shot these photos as the balloons went by.

Friday night was the balloon glow.  I invited Dave and Karen to meet us for dinner at a favorite Ethiopian restaurant and head over to the glow for some more fun with balloons.  They stay tethered but use their burners to light up the balloon on the ground. Periodically they will count down to an "all glow" which is pretty spectacular! The wind kicked up and it was over almost as soon as it started but it was a beautiful night with good friends so more than worth the effort to get there and I got these fun pictures.

An "all glow"

This morning would have been yet another balloon op but the winds kept the balloons on the ground so we headed out to watch the marathon runners.

We used to be able to just sit in our driveway and watch but the route changed last year to accommodate the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair and they take a turn a couple of blocks away. So, this year we trekked to the coffee shop and walked to where they make a turn. We missed the wheel chair marathoners but caught the first male and first female runners to go by.

After that it was market time!

 Peonies! Can you believe it?  And the eucalyptus over wintered and was back!

 Strawberries, weeks early!
 Spinach for Mom
 Salad greens!

And the beautiful bright pink peonies!

Now, on to the art fair where I got to catch up with my favorite textile artist, Jude Stuecker. You'll remember she made a wall quilt for us and our bed quilt and now mostly makes clothes. Amy and I are big fans of her skirts. A loves to take them to Kenya with her. They are a great weight and pack so well.
Jude is mom to baby Sylvia, who I didn't get to see this trip and will be mom to another baby in the fall!
Here's a look at her booth. She dyes and applies pattern to her fabrics.

 Isn't this dress adorable- just my colors

All these skirts make me happy just to look at!

How about this happy rabbit in the booth next door to Jude?
Piano keys for legs.

 This is the same artist's fun cat lamp

And I love these pottery squares of his.  I'm thinking I may be getting one or two for Christmas this year!

This is another artist I like

She transfers photos she takes to wood. Her colors and subjects appeal to me.

After art I was off to book group to discuss The Life of Pi, which I hadn't finished but still wanted to enjoy the discussion of.

By then I was too tired to go to Churchill Downs opening night, but there will be plenty of horse racing this week for us. As it turns out, there was torrential rain and nickel sized hail tonight so I was just as happy not to endure that at the track. But, they did get the full card of racing in so I'm happy for the folks who braved the weather.
This gal was taking in a little TV on the couch!

It was a lovely day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have you missed me?

You'd think I have crazy busy but really not so. So here is a little of what I've been up to.
Farmer's Markets

 Isn't Hopper cute? 
 I use this hot pepper butter on everything! The pickles were new- sweet but with a bit of a hot, long finish.
 The radishes have been beautiful. I eat a bunch a week
 Still eating kale once or twice a week. Russian mostly but this week I bought some peacock kale. 
 Some herb plants for the garden, thai basil, cinnamon basil
flat leaf parsley

Then there was Easter!  I had my family over the day before.
 I made my first ever homemade mac and cheese! It was good and there was enough to send home with others.
 O and Mom
 I try not to give the kids too much candy since decay is a problem in my family. So I hid a bit of candy but more a few toys. O loves balls so she got three different sizes and textures.
 Who doesn't love a pinwheel?
 Miss O loves candy it seems- comes by that naturally!
 Ez is harder and harder to photograph especially with his long hair!
 How much longer will he sit on Mom's lap? A long time I hope!
 Shades for O from great-grandmother
loves a chocolate marshmallow egg!

Easter at my sweet church who knows how to celebrate a resurrection!

 We've been in the desert and it finally bloomed!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance!

I did some art in round robin journals and to swap with the folks who bring you the Sketchbook Project.
 My 4x6 swap
 For a transformation-themed journal

 Things with Wings journal

My tiny, premature great-niece was born
Tiny Addison Jane
1 lb 8 oz
 How about a strawberry as big as your hand?
 A fun trip with friends to IKEA! I'm organizing right and left! And I love getting into my bathtub with the addition of the green gator!
 Took this sweet boy to Mammoth Cave during spring break.  We also saw The Lorax with a friend of his.

 Boy on a rock
Heading down.

So, I guess I have been busy! 
Leave you one last pic of the cutest bunny bread ever!

And a lovely picture of iris

Hope your day is fabulous!