Saturday, April 06, 2013

Yes, it's that time of the year again!

The Farmers Market is back to it's regular hours!  I got to see some of my fav vendors today. We've been going all winter, for free-range chicken, eggs, the occasional brussel sprouts and a good excuse for a walk and breakfast out.
It wasn't the full market but getting closer to it.  There were a few new vendors, too. Thieneman's Nursery has taken over my beloved Claire's spot. I didn't learn until today that her son and DIL took jobs in California and sold their greenhouse, so Claire is spending time discovering what the next phase of her life is going to look like. She was helping Thieneman's and introducing them to the regulars.
I was so inspired by the tiny herbs, mini trees and succulents that I had to make a trip to the nursery today. It didn't hurt that is was one of our most lovely days since fall.  I keep thinking "fairy garden" and I mentioned it to Susan ( Thieneman's salesperson) and she said they offered a class last fall and had examples at the nursery. Sweet. I asked when they might do another- she didn't think any time soon but when I asked at the nursery, seems there might be one for the summer solstice! Cool!
So before I get ahead of myself, here's today's haul.

Braising greens and sweet potatoes from last year- held over and delightful!

Beautiful Rosemary plant- planted!

Ranunculus- one of my favorite flowers. I had them in my wedding bouquet. This little guy opened up during breakfast!

I was hoping to see Beth, the granola master, last week but she was visiting relatives for Easter. I was sure glad to see her today! And a surprise treat from her for me to try-Curried Apple Chutney-can't wait!

Can't have too much chicken- and we love Schadt's best

Close-up of my Ranunculus

Close-up of those beautiful white greens in the braising mix

Ranunculus  bud

While I had my macro lens out- close up of my cacti

another leafy green

Doesn't this look yummy??
On to the rest of the day- I took a few outdoor photos. My fun gnome and the hellebores.

Thieneman's nursery- the fairy gardens:

Isn't this sweet?

See the tiny succulent in the acorn top?  I have a macro shot coming up

Don't you want one at your house?

A mini fairy garden

and even mini-er- little plants in eggs- I must do this!

Another sweet fairy garden

Little water catchers- acorn caps painted with nail polish- clever!

Another wee garden
A close up of the little flower in the first fairy garden

another closeup of a water catcher acorn cap

It's this a beauty??

Remember the wee succulent in the acorn cap I mentioned? This is the close-up. I want one

I had great hopes to duplicate this- but my hypertufa planter this size broke!  I'll use it in my fairy garden. 

Aren't these beautiful together?
It was a fantastic day that ended with a win for our Louisville Cardinals in the Final Four NCAA tournament. They will play for the national championship Monday night.
Hope you day was fabulous, too.