Friday, September 14, 2007

September Mingle

I decided to do this month's mingle for the byhandartists group on the Hong Kong Moon Festival. I always enjoy doing research for these fun projects and this one was no different.
The moon was printed on cardstock, 8 1/2 x 4 and folded at 4". I stamped the evergreens with black dye ink and cut a hill from black carstock. The chinese characters in the lower right were embossed with pirate gold ep. I cut black cardstock to line the interior and decided to leave the right side unattached so I could have an extra page inside. I stamped the lanterns and embossed with clear ep. Cut them out, added a sticker letter and hung them to gold paint pen lines.
The story of the festival is printed on vellum with red ink and chinese takeout font. Attached the vellum with vellum adhesive, no matter what I use, it shows through.
The back is another copy of the moon and a printed picture of the Hong Kong celebration with lanterns. My scanner scans crooked sometimes- this was one of them. The picture is really centered on the moon on the back. Sheesh!


Lindart said...

Beautiful! How does it go together? Does it open up?


ArtCricket said...

Thanks! It open from the left to the right. There are two open spreads inside. As I said, I decide to line the white cardstock with black cardstock and just glued the right inside down, so that left a page on the right and the back of it, and then the right side of the original page. I added black to the right inside original page, too. The fold is on the right, not the left.

Wanda H said...

Beth, this is beautiful!!!

marg said...

Your moon silhouette is absolutely gorgeous. Where on earth would you have found such a wonderful image?