Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art, can you believe it?

I told you I was participating in the Sketchbook Project a long time ago and true to my artistic nature, which is not a lot like my everyday self, I am last minute.  It has to be postmarked Saturday. A blank journal on a schedule is a little scary to me. I almost didn't do it.  It was a hectic last few months of 2010.

But, never one to like saying no to something I have committed to, here it is, and I'm pretty happy with it.  I knew that I wanted it to be interactive in some way, to fold or see something through it and so I began experimenting with my circle Nestabilities and decided to make a wishing well at the back that would come through the pages. I also like larger and larger circles so that I could write something around the rings that would show on the left as the pages were turned. I knew I wanted paper I could paint on so first off the bat, I tore all the pages out, so the only original thing is the cover which I covered!

I decided if I was doing a wishing well and my theme was "It's not a sketchbook..." I would do "A pocketful of wishes for Ophelia". It has little hopes and dreams and blessings for her.  Too bad it will never reach her little hands.  It will be archived after the tour. So I have taken these pictures and will make color copies for her.

I'm happy that I finished it, as always, there are things I would do differently next time.

Here it is- I still have to tighten the ties so they are a little long. Need another finger to hold them while I tie....
These are the pages before adding to the book, you can see the book on Flickr here:


Ruby's Girl said...

Beth this is very beautiful. What a lovely art project. I can just feel the love on your pages. Well done!

Sue said...

Beautiful, as always. I don't know about Nestabilities. Im about to google them.

Lindart said...

Checked your book out on flickr-awesome!! I love it. The holes give the book such dimension and interest, each page is gorgeous! I love the penny in the middle-perfect for a wishing well book. What a great way to use the Nestabilities!

donna said...

The way to know life is to love many things.....what a wonderful wish to share with Ophelia.


Lindalou said...

The Flickr images really helped me see your final project. This book is really amazing. I can't help wonder how long it took to get it done. I'm a natural born procrastinator as well, but this looks like it took a really long time to make.

Love the penny at the back.

Amy Knopf said...

Ooh it looks great! Can't wait to see it live!