Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Well, long time -no see!  I have no readers anymore but just in case…..It's been crazy year for me and I took a break from blogging to slog through it but I can't not post the byhandartists 12 Day of Christmas swap which I look forward to every year!
I scooted off to see my new granddaughter without taking a photo of the basket of gif ties so we will have to just start right in with Days 1, 2 and 3.
These fun little gifts of talent just make my Christmas every year. I'm like a child filled with anticipation to get up each morning and see what someone took time to make and send me.

Day 1- December 13th- was from Therese

Love the wrapping- more than one person sewed their envelope, which was a super cool thing.
Inside was this super cute book necklace- I love the knot that slides and want to learn how to tie this. You can make it long to slide over your head and then shorten if you like. No need for a fasten. Love, love.

A view of the pages.
Thanks so much for this super cute giftie!

Day 2- Carmen
 another super cute package filled with fun!

A fantastic ornament book about the 12 Days of Christmas- especially Day 2!

And today is day 3! and a beautiful gift from Jane

These "super" magnets!  I am a magnet girl and have stuff all over my refrigerator and sometimes just magnets not holding a thing. Thanks for these great additions to my daily art enjoyment in the kitchen!

And here's the gift I've been playing with the most this weekend!
Naomi Jane who's 3 weeks old.


Yogi said...

nice gifties. thanks for posting them. Have a great day

Robyn said...

thanks for bloging the 12 days and super congrats on that little bundle of Joy!!