Friday, January 08, 2010

A day off

Today was an expected day off but I'm viewing it as a snow day! There IS snow on the ground and I plan to go exploring with my husband who has an unexpected day off since the college is closed. I'm reading blogs, watching the Today show, which turned me on to what looks to be a perfect book for my year of mindful living (more on that later on the other blog), coffee, and sitting in my wicker chair with my lap desk and computer. A yummy start to the day.
My goals are always more than I can manage but that's ok, I go into them knowing that. Today's list? Art-do some backgrounds for an art journal, work on atcs for the month (Orange and Blue and Pockets), make progress on my bookkeeping, visit Bill (I'm just calling him my father-in-law, former father-in-law is too long and confusing and "friend" is not accurate either), celebrate our 6th anniversary with Dave and Karen at Macaroni Grill, where the official ceremony took place. Original spot, original attendees. We try to get the same table. Isn't that fun? I may go by and get a slice of our wedding cake at Helen's. Who doesn't want some dense, rich chocolate raspberry cake? I may get a cup of drinking chocolate from Coco's with a grating of cayenne pepper in it. It is too good for description.
I love the winter garden with snow on it. Nandina brightening my winter landscape. I have it in front, side and back yard.
ooo, can this icicle be good? We turned off the outside water.Yikes!


Yogi said...

sounds like a nice anniversary.
Love the nandina pics. So colorful.
I guess you didn't let the water that was between the shut off valve inside and the outsisde tape drain off?? Or you have a slow drip.

ArtCricket2 said...

I think it was a slow drip that my husband thought would stop. Guess spring will have us investigating further.

donna said...

I just now figured out that you are still posting to this blog.

Your winter garden is so pretty that it almost doesn't look real.

I'm so far behind on reading all my favorite blogs.


Anonymous said...