Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Market

A big change in weather brought a lot of folks out to the farmer's market today. We missed last week so were in need of chicken, buffalo, eggs and whatever else we might find. Today there were watermelon radishes! Don't they look yummy? I can't wait to try them. There were turnips and rutabagas, honey, lots of meats and poultry, eggs, potatoes, apples and winter squash. I'm so glad we didn't miss our chicken farmer since he won't be back for a month. He was out of cut up chickens but had whole ones so a roasted chicken is in my future. It's my turn to make breakfast for my Wednesday morning prayer group, so I'll use the eggs for egg muffins, which are always a big hit. Amy is making a quick return trip for Brian's show and to see her grandfather one more time while able to still have some interaction, so she enjoy the eggs and radishes, too.
We stopped in at Sweet and Savory, which was closed for a week for some remodeling. I like the new color scheme, light buttery lemon walls with a chocolate brown ceiling and exposed pipes. The chair seats had been recovered in a nice geometric circle pattern in the yellow, brown, brick and sage green. The bench seat down one wall was covered in brown fabric. Some new pendant lights were hanging over the bar area which is used for drink prep and credit card processing. The carpet hasn't been replaced but I'm sure it is coming. The new owner always remembers us, which is nice. She had replace the little covered containers of strawberry preserves with individually wrapped jelly. I LOVED the preserves and told her I would miss it. She still had some and brought me a dish! It is Smucker's so I can buy my own now that I know the secret. (Smile).
Ah, a nice preview of coming attractions!


Lindalou said...

We have no Farmer's Market around this time of year, so sharing in yours really helps pass the time. Roasted chicken sounds wonderful.

I'm still trying to finish off the homemade tomato soup I made last week. So yummy. It's PW's recipe.

Sue said...

Google Sticky Chicken. That's what I do with whole chickens and it's wellloved around these parts.
That PW soup is wonderful, if we're talking the one with the sherry. Actually, I've nver disliked anything from PW. Last night we did the frozen rolls in the cast iron and they were to die for.

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donna said...

We have a winter farmer's market but it's inside and that's not the same, but still gives us the opportunity to buy local.

Both a happy and a sad return trip for Amy.


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