Sunday, November 14, 2010

Farmers Market Post-NOT

Well, it is true- I have temporarily lost my mind. I did arrange my small farmers market fare yesterday, and even left the buffalo out so long that it began to thaw. But, somehow didn't get a picture of it. Sheesh.

So today, you get photos of my Peruvian finger puppets that will be gifts for Christmas and next Easter for baby Ophelia. There were probably a hundred or more to choose from at Just Creations. Each one cuter than the next!  I want to go back and get a really cute Moses that I didn't get the other day. There is also a Christmas set. I wish it was the nativity but it is Santa, et al.

I can't decide which is my favorite, the cute monkey scratching his head and belly?

Or the lovely bird? (There was a swan I found after my purchase, that is coming to live with me soon, too)

Or this lovable kangaroo complete with baby in her pouch?

Maybe this really "hoppy" bunny?

All so cute I can't stand it. How can you pick a favorite????


Lindalou said...

Those are so cute.

I often forget to take the picture I need for a post. Especially the before picture if I'm working on a project.

Ruby's Girl said...

These are all very cute but I do think the monkey is my favourite. congrats on the new addition to the family. What a great name. November is flying by quickly, thank you for your Rolodex card too! I loved it.

Yogi said...

beats me. Cute

donna said...

Mr. Monkey....he's the winner in my mind. When I first starting reading the post, I thought you made these puppets. Not that you couldn' can do anything.


Sue said...

I love them! I have great childhood memories of finger puppets- my mother made me a cardboard "stage" that had a curtain behind it that could be set on the table and my sister and I could give plays we wrote. And of course, I love Just Creations. I don't really have any littles in my life right now.

Sue said...

I had to go get some today! Thought of a young cousin who might really love them.