Saturday, November 20, 2010

Farmers Market Post-REALLY!

It was a quick journey today. I had choir practice for our Christmas concert, and I haven't done a lot of practicing- so it was a must if I was going to participate. I sat out last year, and while really nice to enjoy the concert and an audience member, I prefer the performance end of it. This year it is nice that all choirs are singing all of the concert, I like that. We are having a live orchestra, too, I think, and that is a big plus to me.

Anyway,I got up early enough to grab a quick shower, head to Day's for coffee and on the the market. I grabbed green beans first, Charles said he thought he'd only have a bushel and better get there early! To my great surprise, our cut flower folks were there with mini sunflowers and eucalyptus! Yea! Then on to Anne for a cumin seed gouda cheese and reminder that I wanted a pound of her homemade caramels when she did them. Yummmmm.

It was hard to pass up the omelets, I looked at my time, darn. I stopped for radishes- watermelon ones and a black one I hadn't seen before. Peppery, he said. So, for color alone I had to have a bunch. They are snow white inside which is a visual treat! Spinach, too, from this farmer.

Fennel will be on the Thanksgiving menu somewhere.
I haven't decided on the menu exactly. It will just be me, Jim and Mom. I like trying new things so other than turkey, dressing, orange cranberry salad, pumpkin pie-the rest is up in the air. I sure liked the potato gratin I made last Christmas, if I can find the recipe, it will be on the menu. Mom is bringing a vegetable or vegetable casserole.
What are you having?


donna said...

You've trips to the farmer's market have introduced to a whole new world of radishes.

Homemade caramels, I'll have a some, please. Love caramels.

Beth, hope your Thanksgiving was pleasant and relaxing. I'm thankful to have met you through blogging...although I had already met you in person, so what the heck am I talking about. Anyway, you know what I mean.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Thanks, Donna, I love to see you again in person!