Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Farmers Market 'til spring

It was an icy, and at times slip-slidy, walk to the market today. But, I couldn't miss the last one, and I totally forgot to ask Anne about the caramels-shoot-just remembered that.
Oh, well, as you can see it was a carnivorous trip with some apples thrown in- last chance for Gold Rush until next fall.
I'll still get to see the meat and chicken vendors over the winter. They come for two hours on Saturdays some just every other week. But, no Anne or Claire, no Charles, no radishes......
So, today's haul, the last whole chicken of the season, cut-up only from now on, a pork roast, ground buffalo (this and chicken will be available through the winter), apples with a couple of pink cameo thrown in, Kenny's cheese-Garden Havarti- for my girl, Amy, and goat cheese- which is so expensive I only get it a few times a year. What's not to like about a cheese called Fromage a Trois? It's beautifully layered color and flavors are a real treat! The Bourbon-soaked, chestnut leaf-wrapped cheese will maybe be a gift. Yum. See you next year, farmers.

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