Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Party Mix- it's Sue's fault

My friend, Sue, gets me into all kinds of trouble. She posts fabulous links every Wednesday to the most fun things to make, look at, dream of, cry about...... I could go on and on. Two weeks ago she posted this fun link to this fun recipe.
Of course I had to make it! And of course it is a Sunday night when I have to work tomorrow, am having company for dinner and I should be finishing wrapping the guests' gifts and maybe cleaning a bathroom, but no, I am making cute Bugle Santa hats. One thing I would change is to add a whole cup of craisins.  It is so sweet that it needs the tang of the craisins for balance.
It is super cute and delicious, too. I added a bit of cinnamon to the white chocolate when melted. I recently have acquired an addiction to some white chocolate and cinnamon popcorn thing at Target for the holiday season. I have been through two canisters and gained 5 pounds (and I'm not kidding about that).
My new addiction is to Caramel Bugles, thanks, Sue! They are yummy!


Yogi said...

5 lbs eh!! tsk tsk, but since we only have one life, enjoy it .

Well those Santa hats look pretty, although i don't think they're my kind of sweet.

I wondered what you do when the market ends. But yours last a lot longer than ours, although we have several inside markets as well, but not as much fun without all the colorful produce.

Sue said...

We made it and loved it and everywhere I took it they thought it was adorable. My confession- I did about 5 of those hats and then I was about done with that. Shameka took over and patiently did the whole rest of the bag. We just used the white sprinkles at the tip that we used around the edge and that worked fine too. I agree on the craisins. More would be better. We lucked out the night we were making it and found that JoAnn's had the colored melts half off!

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I used my Michael's coupon for the melts! My bridge girlfriends loved it- but couldn't believe I went to the trouble with the Santa hats! I think the initial dipping of the hats is the hard part.
I'd do it again-once a year!