Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Circus is in Town

There is nothing that I like much more than throwing a big party. I'm not a big group person anymore for the most part. But, these occasional gatherings are a treat for me. I like planning them and experiencing them.
When I knew that Amy was coming in for the Dark Side of the Wall concert, (Brian is the lead singer, Pink, in the sold-out show) I wanted to have a party for extended family. Her aunts and uncles from Florida and Cincinnati were coming and it would be fun for her to see everyone at once.
It is a spectacular show and is sold out! There is talk of Whiney Hall next year.
Ezra's 6th birthday was last weekend, mine-yesterday, Shirley's the 22nd and Brian's the 27th, so what else but a birthday blowout?
I can't even remember why the circus came to mind except that I was thinking cupcakes and saw these cute vintage clown cupcake toppers. And it grew from there!
I had the best time ordering fun circus decorations, like hats, color-your-own bracelets, glow in the dark bracelet, circus tattoos, and cardboard cutouts for photo ops.

See their feet? Cute, eh?
The three-headed woman

My sister, Richey, who's opening an etsy store with vintage image magnets and coasters has been doing a lot of photo altering and was my go to person for circus poster images with our faces inserted which then became shrinky dink charms and lollipop decorations.
The Great Flying Ezra
Ezra went to the circus (ironically) last Saturday and he LOVED the guy shooting out of the cannon so it was fun the this was one of the cutouts that I ordered.

Pink in the Pink Cadillac


This chalkboard tablecloth gets a lot of use!

Check out O's new Tatt

My cousins from Paducah came for the concert and for the party, too, along with my best friends-Dave and Karen.
Everyone loved the posters, charms, photo ops, circus food, but mostly just the opportunity to be together.
Ain't life grand?
You can see all the photos here, if you want to be bored to death with our family fun.


Yogi said...

looks like a grand party. what a way to celebrate you birthday. Way to go... Sorry to hear about your mom's accidents. Hope she's feeling better.

Sue said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a great party! I especially love the shrinky dink charms! And where did you get those cutouts? They are wonderful! What a fun idea!
So, will it be another year before another performance? I was showing Shawn the video tonight that Amy posted and who ever knew that Dark Side of the Moon was his fav? He loved it!

donna said...

You are an amazing woman with an amazing family. Ezra must have been dizzy with all the fun going on at the party. Yes, I noticed little O's tatt immediately.

Yogi's comment mentions your mother's accidents. I'm so far behind on reading blogs, so I must have missed that news. I'll go looking for it now.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Sue, it will be another year before DSoTW plays another gig. But, I hope you and Shawn will go when they do. It really is a special thing even though the lead singer is someone I love!
The cutouts I found online and if you ever want to use them let me know!
I loved the shrinky dinks. I think I'll make a bracelet of the remaining ones. I made a DSoTW shrinky dink necklace for the concert.
Donna- hey, good to hear from you! Mom fell on the ice and shattered her elbow. She had surgery a week after it happened and is in rehab now. It's been super busy around here. Hope you and yours are healthy and happy.