Saturday, May 07, 2011

Farmers Market

If you missed last week's Seattle farmers market post, you may want to take a look, it was a great market.
This week in Louisville it was a cool, cloudy start to the day which, for Derby goers thankfully has turned into a beautiful day.

I bought a handful of dutch iris buds to add to these beautiful ones from last week, still looking spectacular!
Buffalo steak and ground for dinner this week. Jumbo free-range eggs- pretty much a staple around here.

ARen't they beautiful?

Ready for summer

A staple at our house
These tomatos are for a snack today with some fresh basil, fresh mozzarella. Yum. How about a cup of burgoo for a nice Kentucky Derby treat? I got Mom a basil plant for Mother's Day along with another little treat.
Not a lot of stuff at the market today- and darn if I didn't get to Anne to say a quick hi, rats. I came in a different end of the market and it threw me all off.

The new restaurant Harvest that some of our farmers opened was reviewed in the Courier Journal today. It was a hit- can't wait to try it! You can like them on facebook, too.

And for a little KY Derby Flair here is Amy ready for the race in Seattle, 2nd hand dress and a handmade hat.  Gotta love it!

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Yogi said...

that's a really sparse haul this week. Pretty flowers and a nice outfit. Those tomatoes sound like a yum snack