Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I removed the pansies from my window boxes yesterday, it is so darn hot here you'd think it was 4th of July instead of Memorial Day weekend. I made lots of little bouquets that I put in the little glass bottles on my kitchen windowsill. Gave a Dixie cup full to my DIL, too.
I just love seeing them there.


Yogi said...

Well we're still waiting for warm weather...
Those pansies are so pretty

Lindalou said...

That is just lovely. I love a row of glass bottles like that. The flowers just take it over the top.

Lindalou said...

So sorry to hear about your basil. That would make me so sad cause basil is my favorite thing I grow. It's really what gave me the confidence to start my container garden.

donna said...

And I luv seeing the photos of your little bouquets of pansies.

Lindalou's comment about basil makes me think of something. I planted the free basil seeds that come with the box of Triscuit crackers. They never sprouted. What made me think they would?

Now I must go visit Lindalou, also one of my favorite blogger people.