Sunday, February 12, 2012

Farmers market, birthday boy, and church and coffee wars

I prepared for a visit from the birthday boy by decorating the chalkboard yesterday. Today is his big day but we celebrated together yesterday afternoon.
The farmers market was freezing cold with a wind chill of 12 degrees, but had quite a few attendees. I grabbed some brussel sprouts and red potatoes.  Need to get some grapes for my fav brussel sprout dish with the balsamic vinegar. Yum.

 These are the signs at the coffee shop I frequent-Day's, and their next door neighbor restaurant.
. When the restaurant was opening the owner of Day's said they should talk about how they could be supportive of each others' business. The restaurant owner's response was- "what I really want is part of your building space". Hummm- not off to a very friendly start.
So the last week or so the restaurant has a sign outside touting its "Sensational Coffee". 

Day's chalked up this response

The friendly banter of next door neighbors....

On to the birthday boy!

Where did the time go? Can it possible be 7 years since this dear boy came into our lives? He is just the sweetest and so much fun!  He wanted to go to Sweet CeCe's for yogurt for his birthday. Usually, I have him get a moderate amount (they give you a HUGE cup for self-serve) with two healthy toppings (fruit, nuts) and one sugary one.
But, for his special day- all he wanted of anything!
This was his creation.
I still thought it was sweet that he didn't overly fill the cup and was fairly moderate in his toppings considering he had carte blanche.

Happy Birthday, my love.

My sweet church was super sweet today.
We are all about inclusivity, peace, justice and love.
Many a Sunday it is so sweet that I cry.
I had control of myself today but another sweet one-it was.
We celebrated 20 years of the Urban Goatwalker Coffee House- a place where all are equal, all are served and all are welcome at the open microphone.
Homeless and advantaged, elbow to elbow over a tablecloth set table with popcorn, candlelight and a server to take your coffee or tea order and serve you up a sweet treat. All at no charge, though tips can be made by those who wish at a jar in the back. Anyone can offer up a reading, song, play the spoons, or a rubber band accompaniment. So affirming, all are clapped for. Surely the Lord is in that place. You can see it on each face.
On the justice front- a group is going to Frankfort, our commonwealth's capital, to support saving the mountains from mountain top removal. Pinwheels were made by the Wednesday night group for them to take with for the gathering. The pinwheels were offered during the offering and blessed. A symbol that we ALL go with them even those who aren't able to physically go.
So on the weekend before Valentine's Day I was reminded of how sweet life is in so many ways:
Farmers-who love the earth and share the earth's bounty-fruit of their labor
A dear child-who's love is a great gift
A computer chat with a daughter 8000 miles away doing fine work
A faith community that lives out the good news of Christ in so many ways-every day-Amen and Amen
Coffee shop friends-who know me and are happy to see me and share my day
Good friends who will be first time grandparents this year
A wedding shower for a friend's daughter who survived an event that could have robbed her of joy- but she didn't let it and found the love life had to offer
A dear husband, even now in the kitchen trying a new recipe.
Life is just so sweet.
So take a pinwheel from the container and let the wind of love blow through it into your life and all you hold dear.


Lindalou said...

What a lovely post. Your grandson looks so happy.

Today my 5 year old grandson said, "I can't wait until I'm 10:. I told him please don't grow up so fast. Time just goes so quickly for these little ones.

Sue said...

What a tender, sweet post! I'm playing catch-up now that my internet is back up!