Monday, January 30, 2012

Sketchbook 2012- A path through the trees

This is the cover- I just inked up the cardboard and didn't make a whole new cover like last year. But of course I tore out ALL of the pages and did my own.
My little dangling girl,  is actually my older sister, Cindy. I liked that her face couldn't be seen. She is affixed so she can move from page to page with the reader.

I added family photos onto deciduous trees, alternating each page. I was tired of evergreens and wanted to use family pics since family is a part of our journey.
I used quotes from various sources on the pages.

Sometimes family has not been a good part of the path- I wanted that reality for some readers for whom that is truth.

I like that the little girl can roam and that pages fold out. There is something about an interactive book that intrigues me. Next year, see I'm already thinking about it. I plan to have one that others can add to as they check it out. Then they become a part of the journal.
Why I wait until the last 3 days I'll never know!
But, it's just what I dreamed it would be.

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Sue said...

It is wonderful!!!!