Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have you missed me?

You'd think I have crazy busy but really not so. So here is a little of what I've been up to.
Farmer's Markets

 Isn't Hopper cute? 
 I use this hot pepper butter on everything! The pickles were new- sweet but with a bit of a hot, long finish.
 The radishes have been beautiful. I eat a bunch a week
 Still eating kale once or twice a week. Russian mostly but this week I bought some peacock kale. 
 Some herb plants for the garden, thai basil, cinnamon basil
flat leaf parsley

Then there was Easter!  I had my family over the day before.
 I made my first ever homemade mac and cheese! It was good and there was enough to send home with others.
 O and Mom
 I try not to give the kids too much candy since decay is a problem in my family. So I hid a bit of candy but more a few toys. O loves balls so she got three different sizes and textures.
 Who doesn't love a pinwheel?
 Miss O loves candy it seems- comes by that naturally!
 Ez is harder and harder to photograph especially with his long hair!
 How much longer will he sit on Mom's lap? A long time I hope!
 Shades for O from great-grandmother
loves a chocolate marshmallow egg!

Easter at my sweet church who knows how to celebrate a resurrection!

 We've been in the desert and it finally bloomed!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance!

I did some art in round robin journals and to swap with the folks who bring you the Sketchbook Project.
 My 4x6 swap
 For a transformation-themed journal

 Things with Wings journal

My tiny, premature great-niece was born
Tiny Addison Jane
1 lb 8 oz
 How about a strawberry as big as your hand?
 A fun trip with friends to IKEA! I'm organizing right and left! And I love getting into my bathtub with the addition of the green gator!
 Took this sweet boy to Mammoth Cave during spring break.  We also saw The Lorax with a friend of his.

 Boy on a rock
Heading down.

So, I guess I have been busy! 
Leave you one last pic of the cutest bunny bread ever!

And a lovely picture of iris

Hope your day is fabulous!

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Yogi said...

yes I have... Lots of wonderful pics. Thanks a bunch. Looks like some nice adventures, good family time. Have a great day