Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gee, where to start! Vacation, Art,and two showers!

I've been on vacation, hosted two showers and hung a collaborative art piece. So, let's get started!
How about a vacation- who doesn't love the beach? I do! And nothing is more restorative to me.
I read, slept, ran, walked, and just enjoyed every minute of this beautiful week.
 Morning walk

 Late afternoon
 Sunset at Dewey Destin's for dinner
 Sun was setting just as we left
 The sand configuration changed drastically every day- look at this big sand wall
 A typical early morning for us.
 Three of my 5 books I read.  I highly recommend these three. I also read Things Fall Apart and No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay. I was looking for a Harlan Coban-like mystery writer for some lighter reading after the other four. 
 Don't you love this birdie who joined us for breakfast?
And how about this view through the railing at the Whale's Tail?

It was all-around wonderful!

I was excited to hang the art that had returned to me from more than a year on the road.
I met some artists at ArtFest in 2011 who were doing a round robin journal and graciously included me. I chose to do canvas circles that I planned to hang in embroidery hoops in my dining room.  I made my piece and send the varying sized circles out not know what would return to me. I loved what everyone did!
This is the tiny closet under my stairs where the grandchildren have their toys.

 This was mine and set the theme and tone

Aren't they all wonderful!  I thank each person who made a loving contribution. I worked in their journals and one person had prayer flags.

On to showers!
Lacey, our dental assistant is getting married in Destin at the end of the month. I wanted to celebrate her so I invited the office staff to my house after work Friday (which is their short day and my off day)

I did a pink, white and silver theme with a little beach thrown in.
Little Banner love
 I found these fun flip flops on etsy, They leave a message in the sand with her new name.

 Chalkboard greeting in the kitchen
I spray painted a terracotta pot silver for the pink centerpiece. Paper plates, napkins and bubbles from the Dollar Tree.
 Toast for the bride-to-be

 The gang minus Dr. Kirsch

Me and Lacey- isn't she a cutie?

And last but not least and hopefully you haven't nodded off
A Cute as a Button shower for April, my dear friends Dave and Karen's daughter expecting unknown gender baby Williams in August.

 Claire at the farmers market made these little bouquets for me and they were prizes.
I love the buttons in them. I did buttons in a round bowl with a clear votive holder added to put the flowers in.

Favors to take home, suckers that say "Sew sweet of you to come" and Cute as a button soaps.

 Button banner
 Paper mache box to hold blessings
 Folks wrote blessings for the baby on the button die cuts.
The invitation that Karen found that set the theme.

 Aren't baby things cute- there were lots of books, lots of ducks and lots of guitars from this reading, musical family

Thanks to Nord's bakery for creating just the cookies I envisioned.

 Karen, April, Carolyn-grandmother, Jean and Lea-aunts
A finger puppet books from little cousin Ava

An etsy find- the button toothpicks, which I loved. Also had button confetti

Gotta love a pretty theme. We had a great time!
Our other activities that I didn't take pictures of were: signing a swaddling cloth with best wishes and blessings that included sweet drawings. Baby will like being swaddled in all this love
. Also a little card where people could write their best motherly suggestions and their favorite memory of their mother. Whoever's card she read was the gift she opened. It was fun that the sisters all picked memories of traveling and their mother (who was there) and a mother/daughter team that came both picked the same memory of their respective mothers- watching them get ready to go somewhere.

Our last activity was to take a bead and make a wish for April's labor and delivery and string it on a necklace that she can choose to wear during labor and delivery to remember all the women who are cheering her on.

That's about it from here. I'll catch you up on the market soon!
Thanks for hanging in.
Hope your week is fabulous!


Yogi said...

good lord that's quite a chunk of things going on. Love the beach, miss it tons.
Nice showers and the themes, so cute.
have a great day

Amy said...

Where to start??? I LOVE the collaborative art piece. Wow, lucky you to get back such beautiful works! Can't wait to see them in person.

The showers looked lovely. I know you worked really hard to put them together and they look just beautiful. I know Lacy and April felt really loved and special.

Hope you get some rest this week!

Sue said...

Okay, I would ALMOST want to have a baby just to get the shower!!! Everything is as lovely as I envisioned it. And those circles are such a treasure!!!