Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy, busy family time

The last few weeks have been super busy. We had a family wedding in Atlanta and a clarify and de-clutter weekend at my mom's with two of my sisters, squeezed in a farmers market and a few fun side trips.
 This is my farmer market friend, Mary Rose, mother of Ann and Kenny of Kenny's Cheese. The Bridge Babes go to Kenny's farm when we go to Rhonda's lake house. Mary Rose would be there and was the seller at our Bardstown Road market until she retired and Ann took over. She's had a mild stroke and her husband died. I hadn't seen her for 4 years. What a treat to find her with Ann at the market two weeks ago! She promises a return visit.

 The haul- lots of blueberries. I'll freeze a bunch and I should make a blueberry cobbler. I like eating them by the handful!

Last weekend we headed to Michael and Jeanette's wedding. Along the way we stopped near Chattanooga for the night. Since we had some time to kill before being able to check in the hotel in Atlanta, we took a side trip to Rock City!  All my life I've seen the barn ads to "See Rock City" and never knew what it was or what I might be missing. Time to find out. It was much nicer than I dreamed. Lots to see, natural rock formations and paths with labeled trees and plants.
( Evidently this is my favorite summer top- it keeps showing up- a freebie from my friend Karen who works at a consignment shop- aren't the free ones always the best?) Here I am in a tight squeeze between two boulders!
 Swinging bridge
 The highlight of Rock City, besides the gift shop which you must exit through. You can see seven states and have a great view of circling hawks.

 Mountain man? No, just Jim!
 Here I am posing in the iconic Rock City birdhouse.
 Jim enjoying the sights and waterfall.

On to the wedding! So great to be with Jim's super family for a happy occasion. Our last full group get together was when his mother died six years ago.
 We got to dress up!
 And enjoyed this beautiful wedding and wedding party of Michael, Jim's nephew, and Jeanette, his bride. Michael's sister Jennifer is on the far left.
 It was a lavender theme. The invitation had fresh lavender, the bridesmaids carried a bunch of it, the programs were decorated with a lavender stamp, each reception place setting had a tied bunch and there was lavender soap as favors and even lavender chocolate cupcakes!
 Jim's sister, Jean and hubby Keith
 Sister, Joan-yes, all names start with "J"- can you say Joe, Joan, Jim and Jean fast three times? And husband Mike.
 Joe, Jim's brother and wife, Linda- parents of the groom
 The other two nephews, sons of Jean and Keith
 The lovely couple's first dance.
We really had fun catching up at the rehearsal dinner, hanging out at the hotel, checking out Georgia Tech-where Joe, Joan, Mike, Michael went to school and where Joe and Michael work.
Then it was back home via Ruby Falls another "must see" in Chattanooga.

 This was my 75% off souvenir from Rock City hanging in my backyard.

This weekend my sisters, but one, gathered to help my mom go through her house to giveaway, throw away, sell what she might not need for her move to an apartment in the fall. It is a big apartment but a bigger house. We went through garage, kitchen,basement, all closets and bedrooms. Mission accomplished and some family treasures came to live with me! I did take somethings out of my basement equal to at least half of what I brought home! I'll swap out some more later.
 Mary Ann brought us t-shirts.

 And Mom joined in for a photo, too!

 Jim and I grabbed a little farmer market time before the Saturday clean out .

 This little flower holder intrigued me and came home to live with me

 At the end of the day we would go through a few "picks" that had been put in a box for the clean out crew to have if we wanted. There was a three way desire for this basket which came to me as winner of a name draw decision- there were more than a few of these three way solutions! The basket belonged to my maternal great,great grandmother. I love it hanging with these primitive drawings in my living room.

And lastly more family visits from Eric and his family today. Lots of family fun in the last couple of weeks!

Coming up next month- I discovered in the newspaper today some great workshops in Berea, KY next month at the Berea Festival of Learnshops 2012, they even have a class for Songwriting for Social Justice! Can you believe it? I registered for three classes, a metal earring class on a Saturday, metal bracelet class on a Sunday a week later and a beginning watercolor all day class on a Tuesday!  Jim is joining me the first Saturday for a class making a wood cutting board, the blacksmith class was full. :( You might enjoy seeing what all they are offering. I can't wait until next year!


Yogi said...

wow that was a whole pile of good news. love all the pics and your excursions look like nice memories.
Have fun in your classes. Have a great day

Lindalou said...

You have sure been busy. I love the idea of a lavender inspired wedding. It's my favorite.