Wednesday, January 02, 2013

500th Post- can it be? and a giveaway!

Wow! Welcome to 2013 and my 500th blog post.  I have a small but loyal following and mainly blog as a way to journal a bit for myself and maybe for my children from time to time who might want to know at some point what made their mother tick besides the things they know well.

I played a little more today with Amy and art dolls. Tomorrow we plan to do more tiles and include Sweet Ez in the playing. I figure a 7 yo likes to play with color surely.

This is Amy's boy doll- her style is so different from mine! And I love it!

My Miss Balloon Girl

Miss Happy-Go-Lucky

Amy's Cool Dude

I decided to try some with photos and went with Halloween
Miss O- Cat Girl

And Ez as a Power Ranger

 And now for a small giveaway- this set of Tim Holtz stamps!
Easy enough- just leave a comment on this post telling me what you look forward to most in 2013 and I'll pick a random winner on 1/8/13. Check back or make sure I have a way to contact you if you win. If I can't reach you or you don't reach me in 24 hours I'll draw another name.
Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Love Amy's Cool Dude and Play and especially her cheese cake pose! Great team you two.

My wish for twenty-thirteen? To concentrate on one or two things -- try to excel in *something* rather than a jack of all trades.

Wishing you health and happiness, xoxo,

anne atkinson
north saanich

Anonymous said...

I love your art doll concept. Food for thought for sure.
2013 will be a time for more time for me. I have years of learning and workshop taking behind me. I will use it all now and hope to become proficient in one or two things. Wet felting is high on my list and I have a great and willing teacher close by. 2013 is the year of the felt for me.

Linda Tanaka

Carolyn Adams said...

Your art dolls are so cute, I'd like to do something similar featuring my grandchildren. For 2013, I'm going to learn to solder instead of just feeling guilty about having all the supplies and being scared to get them out. I'm also determined to keep a journal going for the entire year, rather than let it peter out after a few months. Happy New Year, Beth!

Anonymous said...

Love your work!
In 2013 Ihope to have better health so I can manage my art, and spend more time in my studio to create. I am going to explore encaustic and ice resin techniques
in more depth this year!

Denise said...

Love your matchbox people. How cute are they! Very creative.

In 2013 my plan is to Create More - Procrastinate Less!

Thank you so much for sharing with us.
blessings, denise :D

Robyn said...

What I'm most looking forward to is another 365 days of a chance of bring Peace to all beings- and doing a lot of painting!

Yogi said...

congrats on your 500th post. BIG GRIN
Cute matchboxes
That's a Tim's stamp set I don't have so keeping my fingers crossed.

Since renovation my living room, I want more play days with friends and to teach lots of classes.

Have a great day

Lindalou said...

Wow! 500 posts. That's great.

These dolls are adorable.

My plan for 2013 is to take deep breaths and be brave.

Congrats and what a fun giveaway.


Ruby's Girl said...

My Plans for 2013 are to finish some more projects and be fair to my muse. Let her have me think outside the box more and to be bold with colour and follow her where she takes me. I am proud of you Beth to have reached 5oo posts! Always love reading your blog.
Judy in Penticton

lizzie said...

These are very cute Beth. I just may have to make some. I especially like the ones with the real kids faces.