Monday, December 31, 2012

Art play date with Amy

Amy wanted some creative time today so I suggested working with alcohol ink- easy and instant gratification and making matchbox dolls.

We headed out to Lowe's to get 16 cent tiles to create coasters and get some little match boxes.

I gathered up all the stuff and we spread out on the dining room table and made these cool coasters and dolls. Lots of fun! We plan on making more tomorrow :)

Our whimsical matchbook dolls

My alcohol ink coasters

The coating reacted with the ink. I'd choose something different next time.

Another color combo

love these colors

Amy's color choices for her tiles.
So fun to have a crafting partner today! Happy New Year's Eve!


Lindalou said...

Great crafty day for you two. All so cool.

Happy New Year Beth. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I needed them.

Yogi said...

I like the reaction on that tile. Fun
Yup always nice to have a crafting buddy
Happy new year
Have a great day

Ruby's Girl said...

How nice for you two !! Jealous! Love the tiles, do you seal them after and if you do what do you use? I love the matchbox art too. Happy New Year!!

lizzie said...

love all the colour combos on the coasters. What fun!