Saturday, July 14, 2007

Free Image

I thought I would try posting a picture you can copy and save in your computer to print. I have some good vintage images to share. I'll have to do some experimenting but I think it will work. I'd love to see anything you do with the image. Maybe we can have a contest. These images are for your personal use and art only and not to be copied and sold on a collage sheet or in any other manner. You may post art in which you used the images.
The first image is a vintage Paris postcard front and back. These are scanned at a high resolution so should be good for your art and size down easily. I bought this at an estate sale. I like the side with the message because of the upper right hand corner where it is written "Soldier's Mail" instead of a stamp. The year is 1919.


Mary-Beth said...

These are fabulous! Thank you for offering them. I'll see what I can come up and will let you know.

ArtCricket said...

Thanks, and enjoy!