Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Seattle Report, part ll

My days have been very relaxing. I get up and have coffee made in the percolator-the way of my first childhood coffee-drinking, when my paternal grandmother would pour a tall glass of milk and when I'd consumed half, filled it back up with coffee and added sugar. I still like milk and sugar. I remember knowing my grandfather was awake by smelling the coffee. I was an early, early riser but knew to give him time to read a bit of the newspaper before I went down to the kitchen. I sensed he liked some quiet time alone to start his day.
I check out the Today show and read while I savor the coffee. I've read two books so far. The Appeal by John Grisham, and Hold Tight by Harlan Coban. Nothing like some light reading!
The Seattle weather has finally caught up with me. I have been so lucky on all prior trips, regardless of the time of year, to have nice weather. Not this time, so I haven't been my adventurous self. I really hate a cold, windy rain and prefer to be cozy inside.
I did, however, venture out, my first time driving in Seattle, to pick Amy up at UW and head to one of my favorite stops, Impress Rubber Stamps . I bought a new background stamp, two ink pads, which they re-ink for free, some cute, tiny epoxy heart stickers, and a dot and line stencil for paper piercing or doodling. I love to look around and get ideas. They do some fun things and I always get an idea of something new to do with supplies I already have.
I bought two cheery primrose for Amy and she bought me a great clay bird for my yard for my birthday. Next stop was Miro, I want to own a business like this. We had a pot of Golden Oolong tea and an apple and basil panini. Yum!
Next stop-Cupcake Royale, again. I feel my arteries clogging even as I write. Oh, I stopped in for a free cholesterol check at the drug store yesterday. A non-fasting finger stick test put me a bit over 200, what was I thinking doing one of those on vacation?? Today's flavors for us were, Mo Fro, Vanilla Lavender, and Red Velvet.
Can you say "yummy"?
Back to the apartment for a rainy afternoon of reading.
Dinner was homemade Pad Thai and Gyoza. Another treat.
The last two nights we've played rounds of speed Scrabble. I like it because it is fast and sometimes I have to completely rearrange my letters, I love a challenge. You turn all tiles upside down, each drawn 7 and turn them over at the same time and as soon as one person has arranged and used all of their own letters, they say "draw" and everyone takes another letter. Each works on their own "board". The first to use all they had to draw is the winner.
Tomorrow is the Seattle Art Museum. I also spied a paper store I want to explore near there.


donna said...

I tried to post a comment this AM and couldn't get it to work. Sure have enjoyed reading about your Seattle vacation. I, too, remember the smell of perculating (sp?) coffee drifting upstairs to my bedroom in the morning.

Yogi said...

that scrabble sounds interesting. Never heard about that one before. And I used to be a heavy duty scrabble player. Your trip sounds wonderful, other than the weather.