Monday, February 23, 2009

Sounds of the Sound, my travel journal

I can't upload a picture, because my computer won't connect here for some strange reason, but I will add it at some time. I love to go to Peugeot Sound for a variety of reasons. Yesterday we went to Pike Place Market, a favorite of mine. I wanted a halibut sandwich at Market Grill. I've had at least one every visit here. Rachel loves them, too, so I had no trouble convincing the "girls" to go to the market on our only day together. It was nice enough to eat outside overlooking the sound. The seabirds are entertaining there and I love to watch the cargo ships head out and the ferries come and go to the small islands nearby.
I sampled chocolate-dipped, Washington cherries and purchased some for my sweet neighbor who has loaned us an extension cord the two times we have been without power in the last 5 months, bought sweets at Three Girls Bakery (raspberry scone, chocolate drops and lemon ginger cookie), smelled lavender sachets, feasted on the beautiful tulip bouquets, bought soap from a soaper, Seattle Rainwater Soap Co.,I hadn't seen before ( Mosaic soap-lovely browns, Classic Trails-an evergreen, and Ginger Zest with lime.) Beautiful 3" rounds. The fish monger calls to potential customers are everywhere.
We headed to the Sculpture Garden, pics later, which is also on the sound several blocks away. The sound I loved there was the difference between the surf retreating on rocks instead of sand. I recorded it on my iphone. It has such a lovely, melodic ripple. I took a picture of myself mirrored in a shiny sculpture there and got a great picture of the Space Needle seen through a Calder sculpture, too.
From there we headed to Vital Leaf Tea Company for an afternoon tea tasting. With lovely music in the background, we sampled about 10 teas, served in beautiful tiny cups with white interiors, which I have decide is vital for appreciating the beautiful colors of teas, from white to deep pumpkin orange. We savored every tiny cup, ooing and ahing, over the Dragon Well Green at 240.00 a pound, Ginsing Oolong, Siberian Rose, White Peony, Jasmine Pearl,Blueberry Red, Monkey Pick- good for digestion at 180.00 a pound,Lychee Black,Chrysanthemum, Golden Throat Ginsing (Amy had a sore throat). I bought two ounces of Lychee black and Siberian Rose for us to enjoy this week as a treat. Tim, our host, also included a small packet of Osmanthus to add to the rose to enhance the flavor. He used leaf Stevia in some of the teas when brewing. I found out that green tea should be brewed for a brief 10 seconds with water at a temperature of 165 degrees. Americans, in general, are brewing tea for toooo long. I bought a little white, handle-less cup at the World Bazaar across the street to enjoy it in. The girls have two white sake cups. A trip to Trader Joe's for chai tea mix, chocolate Joe Joe's, completed the trip.


Yogi said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Yeah I read somewhere about the brewing times of different teas, but needless to say i forgot about it... Looking forward to the pics.

donna said...

Enjoyed reading this. I'm putting two and two together. Your Amy sang at Gretchen's wedding, didn't she? I still remember how beautifully she sang. Travel home safe.

Sue said...

Ohhhhhh I love for you to travel! Then I travel too! I could just taste it all. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

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