Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last day of the gastronomic journey but mostly,

the last day with Amy and Rachel. How sad. I always look forward to going home, especially from a trip without Jim, but I sure have fun with them. I thought I'd write before heading off the the airport, in fact before enjoying today's delightful pasteries from Cafe Besalu, which I discovered on my last visit.
But, not to get ahead of the story, first a recap of dinner at Senor Moose, which was thankfully a good 7 blocks to walk each way.
Amy and Rachel had beer and margarita, respectively while we waited the 45 minutes for a table. It is a small place with 1/2 of it bar and the kitchen, the heat from which warms the whole place. The dining rooms seats, maybe 28 with another 10 at the bar. The tables were covered in salmon-colored, flowered, oilcloth tablecloths. On the wall were paintings by a painter who traveled and painted while on sabbatical.
The menu looked great. We began by asking the waitress which of the appetizers she recommended, but with the first words out of our mouth, Equites,she closed her notebook pad. We said, "But, no we want to ask about these others and see which you recommend", she said no need equites is THE choice. Roasted corn off the cob with espazote and cream. Wedges of lime are squeezed onto the mix, stir it up and dip with the three (wish it were 9) tortilla chips. We ate the rest with a spoon. So tasty! In the picture unfortunately, it looks like popcorn.
I decided the sangria looked so good I wanted a taste so ordered one with Amy promising to drink the rest. It was the best I ever had-can't tell you why, just good.
I had the FILETE ENCHOCOLATADO-Oaxac. Strips of skirt steak sautéed and finished with bitter chocolate, white wine and onion. Served with mashed potatoes and calabacitas guisadas. Delicious! Rachel, again consulted the waitress and the waitress said she knew what to bring her. It was the CAMARONES ENCHIPOTLADOS-Veracruz, Shrimp sautéed, finished with cream and smoky chipotle sauce. Served with black beans and rice. It had at least 8 or 9 shrimp and Rachel oohed over it. I tried the sauce, rich and spicy.
Amy went for the vegetarian offering of ENCHILADAS DE PUYA, Three tortillas rolled around two cheeses, doused with spicy chile de puya salsa and topped with cream. Served with black beans. Everyone was well satisfied and leftovers were taken home in recyclable boxes. Another one of the things I like about Seattle, it is so enviro-friendly. Everyone recycles. Yard waste is mandatory, and most households recycle kitchen scraps for the city compost, in addition to the "usual".
More speed Scrabble, with Rachel winning 2, Amy-1 and me-1.
Okay, Cafe Besalu in the next post, complete with pictures!

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