Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's all about the "Derby" this time of year

I haven't created a thing since my last post, busy with Mom, work and all things KY Derby. But, for those who are interested in other aspects of my life, here in Louisville, the world takes on fun focus with all sorts of events during the KY Derby Festival,from the greatest fireworks in the world, (I have been on the South Lawn of the White House on the 4th of July- no comparison), mini marathon and marathon, bed races, Run for the Rose (as in wine-where local restaurant wait staff race with full glasses of wine around a course), art fairs, balloon glows, balloon races, balloon glimmers, chow wagons, music,oh, yes, and horse racing. So much fun!
The marathon goes by our house at about mile 16. We sit in green canvas chairs at the top of our driveway and cheer on the runners. It is an opportunity to see neighbors we only see about once a year. Our 4 lane parkway is a busy place and children on the street (and there aren't a lot on this busy thoroughfare) mostly play in backyards during the rest of the year. Our street is closed for about 6 hours and the kids have great fun riding bikes and scooters in the street and chasing each other on foot. All of the houses on the other side have alley access so the normal coming and going is from the alley.
Saturday is always farmer's market day for us so we strolled there, too, on Saturday. The Cherokee Triangle Art Fair is held on the same day. I almost always buy something- this year no art but a new cookie from the Kizito Cookie Lady-gingersnap dipped 1/2 in white chocolate. She is discontinuing is soon because the chocolate melts so easily even in her store where oven are going constantly. She is from Uganda and a real treat. She started selling her homemade cookies out of a basket she wore on her head, she now sells ways to many for her basket to hold. I love to look at Jude's clothes and have a great wrap skirt with a bird pattern that is also reversible that I got last year. She has designed two wall hanging for me, one for me and one for Amy. Also the quilt on our bed was a gift commissioned by my office for our wedding gift that she made. I may get a new linen wrap skirt in yellow and orange with green waistband before the end of the year.
I've also been working in the yard a lot since the weather has been great! We lost a huge tree and I now have a sunny backyard and a new fence!


donna said...

This is a wonderful post and the photos are great. I see your wave petunias "falling" out of the big pot and that silvery-looking foiliage looks like something I had last year called 'Icicles'. The colors in the bird-pattern skirt and quilt are gorgeous. Your post was interesting and informative, not like my lazy post this morning. You forgot one important derby fact...Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead met at one of the Derby week events. No idea why I remember that ridiculous fact!

sue said...

I think Derby looks more fun from your house than mine!