Friday, April 03, 2009

Tie dyeing Easter Eggs

This is my first attempt at literally dyeing eggs with ties! 100% silk ones that is. My friend, Sue, posted this on her blog and I had to immediately try it as she KNEW I would! Now, I wouldn't say it was a complete success, but hey, I'm still happy. I have to figure out how to get the fabric closer to the egg at the gathered end. I think I'll do flatter, fewer folds rather than many tiny ones. Technique, technique- practice, practice. My husband hates hard boiled eggs so I see myself giving a lot of these away so I can practice!
The fun was going through his old ties! The Where's Waldo one was a birthday gift with a coordinating purple striped shirt in 1992. The red with paisley was the tie he wore to defend his dissertation in 1994. The others were-silk. I have about 4 more to use this weekend. I only had 4 raw eggs today. I hard-boiled the rest thinking Ezra and I would dye eggs. But, cookies were the activity of the day.

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donna said...

This was a most wonderful post to enjoy with my first cup of coffee this morning. The photo of Ezra is too, too cute...and I'm a sucker for brown-haired boys. I'm pretty sure my hh has that red paisley tie. I was going to do some eggs where you sprinkle some drops of food color on a paper towel and then crunch it up around the eggs. I didn't see this on Sue's Wed links. There was one I couldn't open and the one with your name took me to your blog. Anyway...the eggs look like something done by an artist. Oh, you ARE an artist.