Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ezra Fun

Yesterday was a treat with Ezra. I picked him up at his daycare and he was very chatty all about a toy, "Wolverine Claws- (they're not sharp)". Every time he said it, he included the "they're not sharp" part. He assured me they are available at EVERY Target store-including mine. We discussed earning and saving money for items like that, which signaled that this was a good time to get out a cool bank his Aunt Amy had sent a while back with three separate compartments for Spending, Saving and Sharing. More on that later.
I had decided that since I was going to be spending more time in my "new" sunny yard that perhaps I should try to encourage in him a love of gardening as well. I bought a fun little greenhouse kit to start us off. Six brightly colored pots with soil pellets, seeds and a plastic container that turns into a mini greenhouse. We placed the pellets in the pots and he poured 2 tsp of water on each. Then, for the five minute wait we made Kraft Mac and Cheese, and returned to find soft soil ready for planting. Our Teddy Bear sunflowers were put into the red and one of the yellow pots and the Lilliput zinnias in the rest. Misted, and placed the lid on. He will be excited to know they have already sprouted and will need tending soon.
He was also intrigued by the pond and fountain and the fact he could climb from the patio to the deck, a good 2 1/2 feet, without using the steps. I showed him how we could adjust the fountain to have different spouts of water, he wanted the tallest one, of course. Throwing rocks into the pond was fun and we looked for more along our way to the frozen yogurt store. When we came back, Jim had lowered the fountain spray because 1/2 of the pond water had bounced out of the pond! So, Ezra, got to refill it with the hose.
So, for his gardening and pond filling chores, he earned money to put in his bank. He asked what each of the words were on the bank and we put money in each talking about why it was important to do all three, even though he said that he didn't know anyone who would need to be the beneficiary of the "Sharing" bank, so he really didn't need to add to that one.
All in all a very fun afternoon, with a little boy-who out of the blue came over and hugged my neck. Does life get any better?

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donna said...

What a heart-warming, colorful story/photos about your afternoon with Ezra. He's a beautiful child and I can tell that he's playful and fun to be with. Wish I'd read this earlier, would have included it as a link in my post today. The SSS banks are a great idea. Wolverine is a favorite of P3, too.