Sunday, November 08, 2009

Garden Surprise since no Farmers Market visit this week

Since I am at Richey's and didn't visit the FM, I saved these pics that I took last week. I found them last weekend volunteering up around my chimney. Isn't that a fun surprise on Halloween?
And here is a picture of me, doctored with my photo booth thermal image, with my new loupes for work. I really liked working with them, though there is a learning curve. I think I'll use this for my new facebook photo. Weird, eh?


Yogi said...

Can't believe you still had summer flowers. Sheesh. We've had good weather, but definitely no flowers with it.
That picture is too weird. Doesn't even look like you

donna said...

I noticed your new photo on facebook and wondered what that was I know. You're always coming up with something new and creative. How nice to have some flowers blooming this time of year.