Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm back and it's Farmers Market Day again!

And it is a good one! I hope someone is still coming around to get a look at this great stuff. I had not been to the market for 3 weeks and boy, have I missed it. So, EVERYTHING looked good to me. I didn't even include the whole chicken, buffalo soup bone, which is in the pot for soup now, and two packages of ground buffalo! Isn't it a beautiful array of goodness? Can you say Thanksgiving? I remind myself and tell others, how grateful I am to be able to afford good food. We are blessed beyond measure to enjoy the goods of local farmers and to be able to support them.
How about these gorgeous radishes and green beans! Green beans-in late November. I don't recall it before. I got a dozen eggs and these lovely greens for salad. One is a japanese green, misomi, which I only got a bit of to try.
Believe it or not, I was a most un-adventerous eater at a kid. I ate NO tomatoes, beans (except green), mayonnaise, nuts (still picky), cheese, and still don't eat shellfish. That excluded a lot of stuff on our dinner table and I can't tell you how sad I was to hear white bean soup was for dinner. My mother never made additional food for me, I could have my portion of anything I liked, didn't have to eat things I didn't like, and could always make myself PBJ. White bean soup night I ate a little bit of ham off the soup bone and a corn muffin.
Back to the market, after that brief trip down memory lane, I needed some honey, what could be better than local? Fennel sounded good for salads and something for Thanksgiving, I don't know what yet. These carrots were wonderful and I should have bought a lot more for Thursday. I don't know why I didn't. The vendor said he picked them in the dark, knowing they would be popular, but only probably had about 3 quarts. I got these 6 fugi apples, for eating or adding to stuffing. I watched Rachel Ray's 60 minute Thanksgiving dinner last night. I'm thinking boneless turkey breasts sound good. I'm talking to the butcher tomorrow. She had apple in most everything.
The cute centerpiece is from Claire. She has the Dixie cup arrangements and I got the ornamental cabbage from her. She also had some beautiful arrangements in pie pumpkins.
Aren't these green and purple vegetables beautiful? They are a cabbage turnip! I didn't buy any though I should have for color and texture alone. (I'm not a big turnip fan-surpised?)
Lastly the beautiful herbs from Charles Hambley. Sage for the turkey and thyme for turkey and fresh salad dressing.
My mouth is watering as I write.


Jim said...

Glad you're back! I've missed hearing about the farmer's market.

Lindalou said...

Wow, you got some great stuff from the market. I just love your photos of the food. Makes everything so beautiful.

I put apple and dried cherries in my stuffing. I don't really like stuffing, but I think mine is pretty tasty. It's my mom's recipe. My family won't let me change it a bit.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

donna said...

After all the crazy eating I did yesterday, you wouldn't think this post would make me hungry but it does. Nice to have you back.