Friday, March 05, 2010

The Olympic National Forest

I continued with my spontaneity and we went to the Olympic National Forest on Sunday. It was predicted to be the best weather day of my visit. I was not disappointed. We took the Kingston Ferry to the Olympic Peninsula, a diverse part of the country with a little bit of everything. We traveled from water to mountains in no time. I'm working on my video and I'll post a link later. It is worth a look (of course I think so!) if you've never been there. I look forward to another trip.

As we meandered around, I remembered my wonderful trip to Port Townsend almost 2 years ago. We kept seeing signs for lavender farms in the Dungeness Valley (remember the Dungeness crabs from the market?) I love lavender, so we decided we were in no hurry, better to stop on the way. We went to Oliver's Lavender Farm, a well kept place over-seen by a very nice man who opened the shop for us. I bought soap (of course), hand cream and two scoops of Provence Lavender. I stole a little of A and R's culinary variety to cook with. It was warm and sunny, the plants pruned and ready for spring growth. Oh, to have seen them blooming! Next time.

We ended coming back to the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge to see the view and go to the spit. We missed the spit by about 20 minutes, it closed as dusk. We could see the spit (tiny) from the top of the mountain.
On to Hurricane Ridge. We were surprised that the road was blocked with snow a mile from the beginning of the trail so we didn't get to the top. Where are snowshoes when you need them? But the view was spectacular as we went up and at the top and a little cloudy on the way down, which was where I stopped to take pictures.

I was layered so much I look like Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story! I can't put my arms down! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture! I hadn't seen blue ice since I was in Alaska.

What a great day! And we were surprised by a huge yellow moon rising as we rounded a curve on the way home. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't capture the moon too well.
Ah, the joys of travel. So much to see-so little time!


Yogi said...

wonderful. what a nice adventure. I don't think I've ever seen blue ice. Looks really pretty. Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Mom, I'm waiting for you to post my awesome photos of our trash receptacles. :) Love you and miss you....

Lindalou said...

This looks like such a wonderful trip. I love lavender as well. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world. Yogi...have never seen blue ice. Only in pictures.