Monday, March 01, 2010

Seattle Day 3 part 2

One of the most fun things, being an art lover and all, was this cool project I just happened across on my way to BC Place. VancouverVancouverVancouver is an art project by Vanessa Kwan. There are three scenic views of Vancouver postcards with a cutout. You are to use them as frames for your pictures. I thought it was the coolest thing. I got two of them because one was the last of one series and she gave me another of the next series. I only have two- would love to find the other one! You can go to VancouverVancouverVancouver pool on Flikr

Yes, Rachel, my DIL went, too! Shh- she was home from work with a headache and I made her go. The rest of the afternoon was spent going to the major venues, Bell Ice Cube where we just missed interviews of athletes, BC Place, etc. I can't say enough how beautiful the city is and how wonderful it looked decorated for the Olympics!

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