Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Seattle -the days all blended together

Well, I did so much that I couldn't keep up with my blogging but here are some highlights and a bunch of pictures! I packed a lot into my days.
For the foodies among you (you know I am one!) This is at Miro, a Seattle favorite of mine. The apple and basil panini and a pot of roobios tea. I spent an hour or so here with a book.
You know I love Cupcake Royale- I only made one visit here, if you can believe it. It saved my that R and A no longer live in the neighborhood!

This was my view and breakfast my last day prior to heading to Bainbridge Island.

I had a wonderful trip to Bainbridge. The weather was great for mountain visibility. I could see the Cascades, Olympics, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker. I don't think I have ever had such a great 360 degree view.

I love this yarn shop in Bainbridge. I'm making A and R something that is on this table. Wouldn't you love to dress a baby in this beautiful sweater? And how about these beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons?

Sometimes you have to look UP to see the art! I love these stone people and pets down by the waterfront. I wanted to take one of these boats out for a sail. Don't you want to sit down and play checkers on this table along with a coffee from Blackbird Cafe? What could I do with this yellow taxi fabric?

Coming soon- a wonderfully diverse trip to Olympic National Forest.


Yogi said...

wow you really got around. Lots of great pics. Interesting food. Who could ask for more.

Yogi said...

Oh PS that taxi fabric is sooooo cool!!

Ruby's Girl said...

Beth.... you had a great vacation!!! Isn't Vancouver a wonderful city? I love it there but Seattle is wonderful too. I am glad you made it up to Canada and hopefully next visit you will have more time and we can organize a meeting somewhere. Great blogs and will watch for more postings soon!