Saturday, June 04, 2011

Yippee! Farmers Markets-yep, plural!

It has been a banner day!  I went to our farmers market, my favorite coffee shop, an arts and crafts fair in Butchertown, where I found a few good things, mostly in the jewelry department, and then to another NEW farmers market near ours, but with later hours. Fun, fun, fun!

The flowers were beautiful, I loved the peaceful look of the blues, whites, and yellows. Nice and spring-like-though it is more like mid-summer temperatures.

 Oh, the joy of the first omelet of the year. Sweet- veggies and cheese. It was absolutely delicious! I'm so thrilled to have our omelet makers back at the market.
Jim opted for tamales

Big day for chicken!

These petite green beans look great.
Also, I was excited to see the blueberry folks from Daviess County back this year.  The blueberries are fantastic- my first stop at the market. Last year, I was going to get them on the way out- GONE!  I learned my lesson. Two quarts -one for eating and one for freezing.  Couple of yellow squash, green beans, sugar snap peas, quart of strawberries, chicken, flowers, and three tomatoes. Oh, my!

Aren't they beautiful?

more garden goodness

These stock flowers smell delightful!

The haul

They look pretty together, eh?
This was at the Douglass Blvd market.
The Douglass Blvd market has a totally different vibe from ours. I liked it a lot , too in a different way. I was thrilled to be able to get my favorite granola here from a precious Mennonite or Amish little girl. She was about 8 and one of the prettiest children I've ever seen. You can't see in the cup, but it was filled with delightful lavender lemonade. Oh, so refreshing. We bought barbecue pork and potato salad from them, too. Jim thinks it is the best potato salad he's ever had-ever!

The DB market

The haul from that market

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Yogi said...

well that sounds like a fun filled day. love seeing all the vegies, fruits, flowers you buy. Always inspiring. I ventured out and bought milk at our corner store... Oh yes and pulled a couple weeds as I was walking by my front garden.