Sunday, November 27, 2011

Farmers Market and more!

Have you gotten tired of me saying it is a fabulous Saturday here in KY?  Well, sorry to bore you but, really, it was fabulous! Warm, sunny, just super!
And look at the colorful array of goods today!  It was really obvious that things are slowing down. Less than half of the usual farmers present. Oh....
I had my heart set on some carrots and nabbed some from Ivor along with a small cabbage. Headed down to Charles and got spaghetti squash and broccoli. Our usual cut flower folks had winterberry and I got a bunch of that to decorate with. Claire had greenery and it will become a swag for the front door when I get a ribbon this week.
We both had stone cut oats with cranberries, which were really delicious though I do miss my omelet. But, it was lovely and we sat at the table at the market to enjoy!


my carrots!

Greenery-love the touch of blue and a side of winterberry!
I did a little Small Business Saturday shopping and found these Matryoska doll measuring cups for my niece and her new husband. A nice way to hide a money gift, too. Fell in love with the dolls when I visited Russia a couple of years ago. Very clever to use the nesting to create measuring cups.
Matryoska measuring cups

Hope you have had a great weekend.
Tomorrow- the beginning of advent at my creative church.

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Yogi said...

yup colorful. Glad you guys are enjoy such nice weather still. Can't complain up here in Calgary. It's been prety nice here too. Although yesterday we had very very high wind with quite a bit of destruction. So I stayed indooors creating and snug as a bug in a rug...
Cute measuring cups.
Have a great day