Saturday, November 12, 2011

It IS Saturday, therefore...

Farmers Market day!  And a big shout out of Happy Birthday to my DH, Jim, who is a gem! It is a spectacular day here in Louisville, 65 degrees, sunny and windy. Ah!

We headed out pretty early with the usual stop for coffee for the walk there. There were not many folks when we arrived and probably a third fewer venders now.
Sadly, we were reminded that there is only one more week for omelets. Boo.
But, the one today was yummy! Not a big fan of whatever cheese they used today- too strong for my taste, but the rest of the delicious goodness made up for it.
Surprise!  The flower guy was there after saying he wouldn't be!  He said the zinnia were so great this week he just had to come! Lucky us!
How about this dinosaur kale?  Isn't it too beautiful in texture for words?
These carrots looked so good I bought the bunch on the right!
Here's Jim post-oatmeal readying for the trek to the next FM-yep, two today!

These were at market number two and I really wanted to take them home, but didn't. We have so much to do in the yard. Planting is not in the picture.

Aren't these beautiful loaves of bread?  I bought one of the lavender loaves pictured just above.
The pretzel breads were tempting but I didn't get one.
Wasn't this just a lovely display of veggies? Below are the closeups of my haul today.
So delicious!
We are heading out to Gasthaus German Restaurant for dinner. Jim is hoping the Hossenfeffer is on the menu (rabbit). I'm hoping the hot mulled wine is. 

I love these grasses. It's time to take the big fake gerber daisies out of the glass urn and put something more fitting in!
See you next week, if not sooner!

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Yogi said...

happy birthday Jim.
Nice haul again. That dinosaur Kale has fabulous texture. Have a great day.